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WHAT electric crepe maker to choose

What to choose electric crepe maker

Gone are the days when the pancakes were baked in an oven or on a cast-iron frying pans.

Progress does not stand still, and now you can cook pancakes at a convenient electric crepe maker.

But before you treat yourself to a delicious pancakes, you need to decide on the model, and their sale there are several types.

To make sure that the electric crepe maker is really needed in the economy, you need to learn about its benefits:

- Uniform heating, whereby pancakes propekutsya equally well in the center, and krayam-

- Mobility, allowing pancakes anywhere in the presence of electricity and rozetki-

- Ease of use, making it possible not to wait until crepe warmed up to the ideal temperature: the first (and sometimes the second and third), pancake "lumpy" will be forgotten forever.

If benefits have convinced you that it is impossible to live, you can see it without any kind of electric pancake makers:

1) with a lid crepe. Reminiscent of an electric waffle iron - the dough is poured, the lid is closed, the pancake is baked on both sides simultaneously. For this type of pancake makers need to calculate the amount of dough to pour it just enough so that it did not follow, but that attempt did not get less mold.

2) Flat pancake makers. Allow the oven as large pancakes for the whole diameter of the pancake makers, and use special forms in the form of animals, colors or shapes. The main thing to avoid overflow test for Crepes edge.

3) Crepes with recesses. Similar pancake makers allow the furnace from 2 to 6 pancakes at a time. The recesses may be standard, but can be made in the form of funny faces, which in the morning will raise the mood of households.

4) Sensor pancake maker. An interesting model, which resembles a frying pan. That's just the dough is poured onto the surface and heated by the surface is immersed in the dough. The result is the finest pancakes.

Additional parameters to consider when choosing a pancake makers:

•; The desired amount of baked pancakes at a time - the model will be affected by this.

•; Crepes model will affect power consumption - the more recesses, the higher power.

•; on size purchased pancake makers will influence the size of the kitchen. Large pancake maker in a small space will constantly interfere.

•; Have the bucket, thanks to which you can be sure the right amount of dough for each model individually.

•; Proven manufacturing company will also be the key to a successful purchase.

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