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How to make electric pancake pick


What kind of electric pancake choose</a>

Gone are the days when pancakes were baked in the oven or on cast-iron frying pans.

Progress does not stand still, and now you can bake pancakes on convenient electric pancakes.

But before you pamper yourself with delicious pancakes, you need to decide on a model, and there are several types of them on sale.

To make sure that the electric pancake is really needed in the farm, you need to know about its advantages:

- uniform heating, thanks to which the pancakes will be baked equally well in the center, and along the edges-

- mobility, which allows you to bake pancakes in any place in the presence of electricity and a socket-

- ease of use, which makes it impossible to wait for the pancake machine to warm up to the ideal temperature: it will be possible to forget about the first (and sometimes second and third) pancake "coma" forever.

If the benefits have convinced you that it is impossible to live without electric pancake, you can consider its types:

1) Pancake with a lid. It reminds the electric waffle iron - the dough is poured, the lid is closed, the pancake is baked from both sides at the same time. For this type of pancake, you need to calculate the amount of dough to pour it just enough so that it does not flow, but also to make the pancake do not get any less form.

2) Flat pancakes. Allow to bake like big pancakes for the whole diameter of the crepe maker, and use special shapes in the form of animals, flowers or figures. The main thing is not to allow the test to flow over the edges of the crepe maker.

3) Pancakes with indentations. These pancakes allow you to bake from 2 to 6 pancakes at a time. Depressions can be standard, and can be made in the form of ridiculous faces, which in the morning will raise the mood of the household.

4) submersion pancake. An interesting model that resembles a frying pan. But only the dough does not pour on the surface, and the heated surface is immersed in the dough. As a result, the finest pancakes are obtained.

Additional parameters that you need to consider when choosing a crepe maker:

• The desired amount of baked pancakes at a time - this will determine the model.

• The pancake model will affect electricity consumption - the more depressions, the higher the power.

• The size of the bought pancake will affect the size of the kitchen. A large pancake in a small space will constantly interfere.

• The presence of a scoop, thanks to which you can be sure of the right amount of dough for each model individually.

• A time-tested manufacturing company will also become the key to a successful purchase.

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