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WHAT eat hamsters

What to eat hamsters

Hamsters - the most popular pets aftercats and dogs. However, due to the apparent simplicity of their care, many owners make serious mistakes in the preparation of the diet of their pets, and thus reduce the quality and duration of their lives.

To avoid trouble, you need to strictly follow the recommendations of experts.

The basis of the diet

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Although there is a perception that the hamsters and unpretentiousomnivores, actually there is a whole range of products, which they absolutely contraindicated. This should include cabbage, cause them flatulence and disorders of the digestive tract, potatoes and onions and garlic. In addition, you can not share with hamsters residues from your table: no salty, spicy or fried foods, no chocolate. Also not recommended for citrus rodents.
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Feed hamsters best special dryfeeds from pet stores, selected individually. As for the selection, you can consult a veterinarian or breeder. The food in the trough must always be present, so watch carefully for its freshness.
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Russian manufacturers do not feed a petconsumer variety and inferior in quality to foreign, but are quite inexpensive. But because they often lack the nuts and greens, but it is present in a large quantity of oats (often unpeeled), which many hamsters do not eat, better to give preference to foreign mixtures, for example, or Vitakraft Prestige Hamster Nature.
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Additional power

Dry food - is the basis of the daily diethamsters, but this is absolutely not enough. Rodents are vital nuts - are a better choice to stop on hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts. But almonds, Brazil nuts and pistachios they can not have. Peanuts, which are so fond of adding Russian manufacturers, walnut is not in their food - it is the beans. Nuts should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the pet may injure cheek pouches - which can lead to fatal consequences.
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Fruits and vegetables - a source of moisture and vitamins. Hamsters can give apples, carrots, peppers, pears, melons, beets, peaches, apricots, broccoli, green beans, fresh green peas, fresh (not winter) tomatoes, bananas. Amiss and greens - Chinese cabbage, iceberg lettuce, dandelion or plantain leaves, clover, and dill and parsley.
As sweets can be useddried fruits, including banana chips, rose petals and dried. But staying in pet stores Drops - supposedly fortified sweet with flavors of yogurt, chocolate, tropical fruit, etc. - In fact, does not do any good and may even do harm. They contain dyes and fragrances, and experienced veterinarians are advised to indulge hamsters only natural products, such as dried fruits.

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