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WHAT earrings now in vogue

What is in fashion earrings

Correctly matched earrings will complement your outfit and emphasize the dignity of the person.

Choose decorations that suit you, not only, but also conform to the latest fashion trends.

Today, several relevant areas - from romantic to classical restrained.



One of the leading trends in this year -concise classic. In fashion earrings, long chains, flat squares, ovals and circles. Such variants can be found among both jewelry and the jewelry departments. Very popular combination of metals of different shades and textures - for example, a combination of white, pink and yellow gold or a compound in a decoration of matt and polished metal.


Small chips of rhinestones and gemstonesnow irrelevant. Choose metal earrings without stones or jewelry with large crystals soloing. Keep the popularity of large colored stones of unusual colors - topazes, citrines, tourmalines, amethysts, and their imitations. In one decoration may be connected to a few crystals of different shapes and colors.


Discard the subtle earrings mediumsize. Today in fashion extremes - a tiny clove or deliberately large forms, beautifully highlighting the facial features. Long suspension arms can reach. Buying these earrings, be sure that they will not be too heavy.


Alternative earrings - clips. On sale you can find a variety of options of metal, plastic, pearl, leather and other materials. Particularly relevant large flat clip in the style of the 80s and vintage versions with crystals and semiprecious stones.


After years of domination in colored pearlsfashion back light classics - earrings with inlays of golden and white pearls, both artificial and natural. Pearl earrings perfectly complement the business suits and evening dresses.


For years, popular longearrings zhardinery. This year is especially fashionable earrings in east style with a recognizable Central Asian, Arab, Indian or Byzantine motifs. These earrings can be worn not only at night but during the day. They combine well with a sleek hairstyles, and with her hair.


Another current trend - style glam rock. The earring fashion as large chains of studs, skulls tangles variety of metal, leather and other materials. These earrings look a little aggressive, but when combined with the appropriate clothing and makeup, they can make your image is particularly expressive.


Do you want to attract everyone's attention? Wear only one big earrings or combine it with a modest earring-pusetoy. Such ensembles demonstrate a model on the catwalk, it looks fresh and unusual.

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