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WHAT duties Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Occupation Sales Representative, relatively recently emerged on the labor market, it is one of the most sought after.

And according to forecasts of recruitment agencies, demand is not only preserved, but also will increase.

Virtually any company whose activitieswhich is connected with the sale of goods at retail outlets, we need people, promoting its products on the market, we need intermediaries between wholesalers and retail chain. These intermediaries are the sales representatives.

General requirements for applicants for the position of sales representative.

Since the position of sales representativelocated on one of the lower rungs of the hierarchy, the level of education of the applicant does not really matter. For enough both secondary and undergraduate education. It is much more important than personal communication skills of the candidate.
It should also be noted that in Russia there are no schools in this specialty, so many of the major firms themselves teach beginners to corporate courses and trainings.

Job Function

The main task of a sales representative - donatefor implementation as much as possible the production of the company he represents, and in time to collect the money, avoiding debt. All other obligations arise from this main task.
Sales representative must:
Develop a system and methods for representing the interests of companies interested in the market sector, to determine the structure and system management processes.
Collect marketing information to indicate a specific sector of the market - prices, demand, competitors, prospective customers.
Plan to work with existing customers - to make the transaction of purchase - sale, enter into contracts on behalf of the company.
To assist clients in the preparation of specifications for products, assistance in product demonstrations, to provide information on market demand for the goods and others.
To contract for the sale of goods, to ensureperformance of obligations under treaties - control of shipment and delivery of goods control calculations. To make cash payments and monitor the adequacy of inventory.
Monitor the performance of the Customer's obligationsunder agreements to verify the timeliness of cash settlements with customers. Do not allow the breach of obligations clients, identify the causes of violations and prevention capabilities.

To work on increasing the customer base,advise potential customers on all matters related to the quality, characteristics and conditions of delivery of the goods, to make presentations and to verify the reliability of potential customers.
Maintain database of customers - address the volume of purchases, financial security, the fulfillment of obligations, claims.
Participate in the development and implementation of marketing plans of the company - in its market sector. To participate in seminars, conferences and marketing meetings held by the company.
A report on the work with clients - amountssales figures for individual customers, the recommendations on the use of incentives and promotional events - special discounts, advertising customers, etc., forecasts for the long term operation..
Ensure integrity of reporting and documentation of the concluded contracts.
Coordinate and supervise the work of merchandisers, promoters, drivers and freight forwarders.

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