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How are the duties of a sales representative?


Sales Representative</a>

The trade representative profession, which recently appeared on the labor market, is one of the most popular.

And according to the forecasts of personnel agencies, demand will not only be preserved, but will also increase.

Practically to any enterprise, activityWhich is associated with the sale of goods by trade points, people who promote its products to the market are needed, intermediaries between the wholesale warehouse and the retail network are needed. Such intermediaries are sales representatives.

General requirements for applicants for the position of sales representative.

Since the position of sales representativeIs located on one of the lowest steps in the hierarchy, then the level of education of the applicant is not particularly important. For work, both secondary and incomplete higher education is sufficient. Much more important is the personal, communicative skills of the candidate.
It is also worth noting that in Russia there are no educational institutions in this specialty, so many large companies themselves train beginners at corporate courses and trainings.

Official duties

The main task of the sales representative is to takeTo realize as much as possible the products of the company represented to them and to collect money on time, without allowing debts. All other duties follow from this main task.
The sales representative shall:
Develop a system and ways to represent the interests of the company in the market sector of interest, determine the structure and ways of managing the system.
Collect marketing information that characterizes a specific sector of the market - prices, demand, competitors, prospective customers.
To plan work with existing clients - to execute sales and purchase transactions, to conclude contracts on behalf of the company.
Assist clients in drafting specifications for goods, assisting in the demonstration of goods, provide information about market demand for goods, etc.
To carry out transactions for the sale of goods, providePerformance of duties under the concluded contracts - control of shipment and delivery, control of the laying out of goods. Make cash settlements and monitor the adequacy of the stock.
Monitor customer performance of obligationsUnder contracts, to check the timeliness of cash settlements with customers. Do not violate the obligations of customers, identify the causes of violations and the possibility of their prevention.

Conduct work to increase the client base,Advise potential customers on all issues related to the quality, characteristics and terms of delivery of the goods, conduct presentations and check the reliability of potential customers.
To maintain a database of clients - addresses, volumes of purchases, financial reliability, fulfillment of obligations, claims.
Participate in the development and implementation of the company's marketing plans - in its market sector. Participate in seminars, conferences, marketing meetings held by the company.
Generate reports on working with clients - volumesSales, indicators for individual customers, recommendations on the use of incentive and incentive shares - special discounts, advertising of customers, etc., projections for the prospect of work.
Ensure the safety of reporting and documentation of concluded contracts.
Coordinate and supervise the work of merchandisers, promoters, drivers and forwarders.

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