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Select drive - not an easy task

Any owner of a car wants to acquire it looked original and not a standard.

On the other hand, the right choice of wheels provide a more comfortable driving, extend the life of the suspension and reduce fuel consumption.

For motorists today are threevariety of wheel rims. Each of them has its own performance characteristics, mode of production, shape, design and value. Choosing one or the other wheels, it is necessary to take into account future conditions of its operation, in particular the quality of the road surface, the vehicle mission.


The most common type of disk(Sometimes referred to as iron). The main advantage - an affordable cost. This is due primarily to the manufacturing techniques: metal sheets are pressed, creating two parts - inner and outer, which are connected by spot welding. To prevent the influence of corrosion, ready to drive the powder coated paint type. The technical advantage of this type of disc - a high level of remontoprigodnosti- crumpled on Russian potholes product can be corrected in the service station. But more than the minuses:
- A solid mass, which leads to the hard work of the suspension and more spending topliva-
- Low resistance to korrozii-
- Lack of uniqueness that makes it impossible to implement the original design decisions.


More expensive stamped at least 2-3times. Their production involves the use of various alloys based on magnesium and aluminum. Alloy wheels weigh less pressed, plus a huge range of designer. The mechanical strength of alloy wheels, in comparison with stamped above 15-20% better in ductility 1.5-2. weight reduction reduces the load on the suspension and leads to fuel saving. However, alloy wheels require more careful attitude to them - it is not necessary to drive on potholes and rough roads, because with significant damage to the product may simply collapse. Modern technology can be in the form of:
- Gravity casting: disks used in the manufacture of aluminum splavov-
- Injection molding or backpressure: used for the manufacture of magnesium discs.


Different from their "colleagues" more complexproduction technology, implying a hot stamping, quenching, artificial aging and mechanical processing. The result is a fibrous structure that reduces the mass of the original disc it is easier to die-cast 50%, the cast - 30%. Forged wheels able to withstand high loads, resist corrosion. Of the minuses can be noted the scarcity of some design solutions, due to the peculiarities of production, and high cost.

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