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How to drink a good drink for young children


What drinks are good for young children?</a>

Losing with the age of breast milk and switching toMore solid food, the child begins to feel the need to replenish the body with liquid. Thanks to drinks, he receives additional vitamins, trace elements and simply quenches his thirst.

What is useful to give the baby?

Useful drinks for children

Children from six months begin to absorb natural juices, various fruit and snacks. Over time, the baby's diet is replenished with kefir, kissels, compotes and other children's drinks.
For the first fruit lures use freshNatural juices. Most often it is apple juice. To avoid diathesis, the baby is initially given only half the teaspoon. Gradually the dose increases.
Many ready-made juices are available. Children usually drink them with great pleasure. But each such drink is acceptable for a certain age.

When buying ready-made fruit juices or sour-milk drinks, you should strictly follow the date of manufacture and the age category.

The best and most healthy drinks for young children can and should be cooked at home. It can be delicious fruit and milk jelly, mousse, compotes.

Carrot and orange drink

Rich in vitamins and a very useful drink can be prepared in the winter from carrots and oranges. For preparation it is necessary to take:
- 1 orange-
- 3-4 carrots-
- 20 g of sugar-
- 100 mg of water.
With an orange should peel, fill the fruitWater and boil, adding sugar. Pulp let down on the juice. Wet the raw carrots on a fine grater and squeeze the juice or use a juicer. Decoction of the peel is cooled and add to it juices. Such a vitamin drink your child can get after a year.

Milk jelly

This milk drink can be given to babies after six months. It is nutritious and tasty. To prepare it you need to take:
- a glass of milk-
- 15 g of sugar-
- 10 grams of potato starch.

For older children in jelly, you can add vanilla or cinnamon for flavor.

Milk must be boiled and sprinkled with sugar. In a separate part of cold milk, dilute the starch until it dissolves completely. In the boiling milk, pour the starch mass and, stirring constantly, bring the jelly to a boil, cool it. Give a drink to a small child in a warm state.

Infusion of dog rose with honey

During colds, a child needs a lot of drinking. To make a small whim more to drink a useful and healing drink, it is necessary to make it more delicious for this.
To do this, separately, prepare the infusion of dogrose. It is necessary to take:
- 20 g of hips -
- glass of water.
Rosehip can be shattered with a rolling pin or a mortar. Mass pour boiling water and boil for 10 minutes under a tightly closed lid. Then leave to infuse for 3 hours. Ready to infuse the infusion.

Infusion of rose hips can be consumed alone as tea, adding sugar to it and diluting with boiled water.

To further prepare a healthy drink, take:
- 200 ml of ready-made wild rose-
- 15 g of natural honey-
- 50 ml of water.
In warm water, honey should be dissolved. Combine the solution with the rose hip, stir. You can drink a healthy drink during a cold in a warm state.
In addition to fruit, a wonderful addition toCan be vegetable juices: carrot, cabbage, tomato and pumpkin. These drinks are prepared directly with the pulp and can serve as an alternative to vegetable salads.

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