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What drinks good to drink young children

What drinks are useful to drink to young children

Losing with age, breast milk and pass onmore solid food, the child begins to feel the need to replenish fluids. Through drinks, he gets additional vitamins, minerals and a thirst quencher.

What is useful to give the baby?

Useful drinks for children

Kids already with six months beginning to absorb the natural juices, fruit drinks and broths. Over time, the child's diet supplemented yogurt, jelly, juice, and other children's drinks.
For the first fruit lures used freshnatural juices. Most often it is the juice of the apple. To avoid diathesis baby initially give it all for half a teaspoon. Gradually increasing the dose.
Many ready-made children's juice is commercially available. Children usually drink them with great pleasure. But one such drink is valid for a certain age.

When buying a ready-made fruit juices or fermented beverages should strictly follow the date of manufacture and the age category.

The best and healthy drinks for young children is possible and necessary to cook at home. It can be delicious fruit and milk jelly, mousses, compotes.

Carrot and orange drink

Rich in vitamins and very healthy drink can be cooked in the winter of carrots and oranges. For the preparation we must take:
- 1 apelsin-
- 3-4 morkovi-
- 20 g sahara-
- 100 ml of water.
With orange peel should be removed, fill with fruitwater and boil, add sugar. The flesh is to put on the juice. Raw carrots grate and squeeze the juice or use a juicer. The broth to cool peel and add the juice. This vitamin drink your child can receive after year.

jelly milk

This milk drink can be given to babies after six months. It is nutritious and delicious. For its preparation must take:
- a glass of milk-
- 15 g sahara-
- 10 g of potato starch.

For older children in the pudding can add cinnamon or vanilla for flavor.

Milk is necessary to boil and add sugar. The separate parts of cold milk to dissolve the starch until dissolved. In the boiling milk pour starch mass and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil pudding, cool. Give the drink a little child in the warm state.

Infusion of rose hips with honey

During colds child needs copious drinking. To make a small whim drink more useful and medicinal drink, it is necessary to do it again and it was delicious.
To do so, separately prepare the infusion of rose hips. You need to bring:
- 20 g fruit shipovnika-
- glass of water.
Rosehip can be crushed in a mortar or with a rolling pin. Massu pour boiling water and boil for 10 minutes under the lid tightly closed. Then leave to infuse for 3 hours. Ready infusion filter.

Infusion of rose hips can be used independently as a tea, add the sugar and boiled water spreading.

To further prepare useful drink should be taken:
- 200 ml infusion finished shipovnika-
- 15 g of natural meda-
- 50 ml of water.
The warm water is necessary to dissolve the honey. Connect solution with infusion of rose hips, stir. Drink healthy beverage can during cold warm.
In addition to fruit, a wonderful addition to thediet can be a vegetable juices: carrot, cabbage, tomato and pumpkin. These beverages are prepared directly from the pulp and can serve as an alternative to vegetable salads.

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