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What dreams portend good luck

What dreams portend good luck

Dreams often very symbolic. Finding something may portend good in the dream, and the loss - on the contrary.

Trifles and sleep circumstances may directly or symbolically indicate what is happening or the future course of events.

If you do not miss the smallest detail, we can see those who portend good luck and prosperity.


Finding a dream in most cases is a good sign, often indicating the fulfillment of desires.

Find your dream bag of money - and sheer luckenrichment in the near future, and it will win or just conveniently the circumstances. If the bag is empty, but beautiful, then you will be hard work, and you're happy with the result. Full garbage bag promises prosperity in the near future.
Finding money in a dream to prosperity in business. Most likely, there will be some unexpected advantageous offer, which will bring good profit. Or offer is already there, you just need to decide to use it, and the result will not take long. Especially if you find big money or small change to large.
bunch of keys found in the dream symbolizesopening of any door. Most often it is a good sign. This opens the door to new opportunities or new knowledge. Also a bunch of keys can mean pride of place, moving up the career ladder. Solve the problems that are not solved before them as if "key will be selected."
Declare all of his discovery in a dream - one of the symbols hidden fortune. Usually it portends receive some important, valuable information necessary for a successful business management.

Nature Symbols.

Beautiful wildlife in a dream symbolizes enlightenment and renewal. Man created by nature, and see it in a dream - then fed her energy and her own.
Walking in a dream on the beautiful gardens means that the circumstances around the already formed, as needed, and soon everything will change for the better, especially if the blooming gardens or with fruits and berries.
Bright and fresh flowers in a dream, a wild meadow or a well appointed bed foreshadow many pleasant encounters. There are interesting events rich with emotions, pleasure and acquisition.

Pure clear spring water has always brought positive energy. It is associated with purification, rejuvenation, virgin.

No wonder many dream books symbol of clean water onsleep is a good sign, and if a person sees that basks in the spring, it certainly is waiting for luck in business. Any vessel with clean water heralds wealth and prosperity in the near future.

Other characters.

Many other little things, seen in a dream, may also portend good luck.
A pile of garbage or manure in the dream is always the harbinger of easy money, and fresh bread or chocolate promise a solution to everyday problems.
Sitting down on the ground cranes - a symbol of good luck, great luck. For a man to dream wife's pregnancy may mean enrichment in the near term.

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