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How are dreams foreshadowing good luck


What dreams portend good luck</a>

Dreams are often very symbolic. Finding something in a dream can portend good, and loss - on the contrary.

Trivia and the circumstances of a dream can directly or symbolically indicate what is happening or the future course of events.

If you do not miss the little things, you can see those of them that portend good luck and prosperity.


A dream finding in most cases is a good sign, often denoting the fulfillment of desires.

Find in a dream a bag of money - a clear luck andEnrichment in the near future, and this will be a win or just well-established circumstances. If the bag is empty, but beautiful, then you will have to work hard, and the result you will be satisfied. A full bag of garbage promises well-being in the near future.
To find money in a dream for well-being in business. Most likely, there will be some unexpected profitable proposal, which will bring a good profit. Or the offer already exists, you just have to decide to use it, and the result will not be long in coming. Especially if you find big money or change small ones to large ones.
A bunch of keys found in a dream symbolizesThe opening of any doors. Most often this is a good sign. The doors to new opportunities or new knowledge will open. Also a bunch of keys can mean an honorable place, promotion on the career ladder. Problems that have not been solved before will be solved, to them, as it were, "the key will be selected".
Announcing to everyone about their discovery in a dream is one of the symbols of hidden luck. Usually this foreshadows the receipt of some important, valuable information necessary for the successful conduct of business.

Symbols of nature.

A beautiful living nature in a dream symbolizes enlightenment and renewal. Man is created by nature, and to see it in a dream is to feed on its energy and its forces.
Walking in a dream on beautiful gardens means that the circumstances around have already developed as it is necessary, and soon everything will change for the better, especially if the gardens are blooming or with fruits and berries.
Bright and fresh flowers in a dream, wild glade or a well-groomed flower-garden foreshadow a lot of pleasant meetings. There are interesting interesting events full of emotions, pleasures and acquisitions.

Clear transparent spring water always carried positive energy. It is associated with purification, rejuvenation, primordiality.

Not without reason in many dream books the symbol of pure water inSleep is a good sign, and if a person sees that he is swimming in a spring, he will certainly be lucky in business. Any vessel with pure water foreshadows wealth and prosperity in the near future.

Other characters.

A lot of other little things seen in a dream can also portend luck.
A pile of garbage or manure in a dream is always a harbinger of easy money, and fresh bread or chocolate promise a solution to everyday problems.
Landing cranes on the ground is one of the symbols of luck, of great luck. For a man to see in a dream a wife's pregnancy can mean enrichment in the near future.

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