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Why dream of mushrooms

Why dream of mushrooms

Human Dreams often create images that haunt. That such dreams often symbolize something portend any event or something warned.

One and the same object, seen in a dream under different circumstances, can mean very different, even opposite events.

For example, the fundamental difference between the mushrooms, which I saw in a dream in the forest and on the plate.

Dreams of mushrooms, foretelling fortune

Mushrooms in a dream by themselves symbolize something questionable, suspicious, but not necessarily negative.

Collect mushrooms - it means that the application in the affairs of the efforts are not in vain and will be richly rewarded.
Gather edible mushrooms - a pleasant surprise.
If the mushrooms are growing very fast, straight-away before our eyes - to obtain the necessary useful information.
Just seeing mushrooms - is good, the right advice that will help solve many problems.
One of the interpretations of eating mushrooms - a long and happy life, with memory, sane.
White fungus in a dream - a symbol of longevity.
See poisonous mushrooms means that ahead of some unexpected good fortune. Perhaps this is the case, which will save from danger.
See boletus edulis - good luck and prosperity.
Vast fields covered with mushroom caps - to the present and a pleasant surprise.
See mushrooms with colorful hats - great passion, passionate feeling.
Full basket of mushrooms may portend prosperity in the family.
Mushroom dishes - good luck, abundance in everything, lack of need.
If a person sees that he collects mushrooms, he should not miss any chance of excessive suspiciousness.

Dreams of mushrooms, foreshadowing trouble

Collect toadstools - a willingness to commit offenses, illegal acts, should radically reconsider their attitude to life.
Walking through the woods, which grow huge mushrooms - a warning about the presence of a large number of defects, which must be addressed.
Mushrooms, seen an unmarried woman - defame, bad communication.
Another interpretation of eating mushrooms - a shameful love.

Wormy mushrooms - very evil character, it means sickness and distress.

See Grebes wormy means that a person sows evil around you and it does not pass in vain.
Boletus and aspen - a difficult decision problems that drag on for a long time.
Mushrooms with black hats - harbingers of gloom and doom.
Grebes - a harbinger of troubles and obstacles in the path of life, in your career.
If a young woman dreams that she eats a mushroom dish, it is a warning about the disdainful attitude of men toward her, the loss of self-esteem in discrediting her quest for pleasure.
Full basket of mushrooms can also be interpreted as a denial of unfounded suspicions.

Other meanings of dreams about mushrooms

To collect poisonous mushrooms - portends a responsible act, a situation in which the need to take charge of or responsible position.
Mushrooms grown in the apartment directly from the surrounding everyday things, means that in the near future any major change in your life will not be.

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