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Why dream of lost tooth

Why dream of lost tooth

Teeth - a symbol of the state of human health and vitality. Dreams of teeth and hair loss are common.

Such dreams are talking about reducing the level of human energy.

Loss of teeth during sleep - good or bad?

According Horoscopes, any deprivation of teeth during sleep -a sign of the approaching disaster. However, it should be noted that the teeth - it is very difficult for the interpretation of the character. In some cases, hair loss can symbolize your transition to a new level of material and spiritual development.

It is important to listen to your feelings andfeelings after awakening. Still, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the interpretation of dreams of fallen teeth depends on a variety of parts - namely, how you had a tooth.

Interpretation on Dream Interpretation

If you dream you saw a lost tooth without blood,It is a harbinger of emotional distress or impending disease. If the lost tooth with blood, then this dream can talk not only about your spiritual experiences, but also the losses and serious diseases of people close to you.
The upper teeth - a symbol of men, lower - women. Close relatives - it's front teeth. Ocular upper tooth in a dream means the father, and the lower eye - mother. If you dream that you are your own to pull out a tooth, you have to guard. The dream book is interpreted as a death that often does not mean physical death, but rather the plight, bereavement, and all that can be called "smertepodobno".
A dream in which you knocked out a tooth, says thatbeware of betrayal by a loved one. Also, this dream reports that you can commit rash act, because of which will lose the respect of the family. You dream that you are holding in your hand precipitate a healthy tooth - it is treated, you can stand up for themselves, will be able to fight back, to restore its position and to cope with a difficult situation.
If you dream you lose a rotten or diseased tooth -this means your freedom and deliverance from sickness or problems. However, if the tooth fell not once, but gradually destroyed, pay attention to your health. Perhaps you have something oppressive, and you lose your vitality. Also, it may indicate a situation at work, chances are you are losing material stability.
Does it matter how many teeth you have fallen, if2 and more - serious trouble can not be avoided, it is anticipated a whole series of misfortunes and disappointments. Still have some rotten teeth and dropped the last healthy tooth - it says that you are attentive to the person next to you and miss your chance to build a loving relationship.

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