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WHAT dreadlocks

What dreadlocks

Dreadlocks - this hairstyle, which is a loose hair matted.

Translated from the English "dredloks" means "loose curls or frightening."

About dreadlocks

Splicing hair in dreadlocks, contrary to the opinion of manypeople, not the achievement of modern beauty industry. This hairstyle is rooted in the deep past and is found in various parts of the world in many nations. In the absence of ancient civilizations combs and detergents, as well as due to the influence of pagan ideas that can not be to cut hair, hair ancestors was free, untidy state. As a result of growing hair tangled with each other, forming a durable mats.
Archaeologists find dreadlocks on the mummies of the Egyptian burials in ancient Egyptian sculptures and bas-reliefs in the wall paintings of the Aztecs, Celts and other settlements.

Rastafarian Culture

The term "dredloks" appeared on the island of Jamaica50 years of the twentieth century. While this hairstyle is characteristic of representatives of the Rastafarian culture. A civilized society was shocked by the appearance of the representatives of the motion under consideration. Matted tangled strands of hair looked scary and disgusting. Holders of the dreadlocks, on the contrary, it will certainly appreciate, and they popularized the name of hairstyles.
Representatives of culture are not RastafariansWe felt terrible unkempt dreadlocks hairstyle. They saw that it resembles the mane of the king of beasts, and therefore, gives members of the community who was wearing her strength, bravery and courage.

Dreadlocks in the modern world

Today dreadlocks optionalindicate belonging to the Rastafarian culture, or any other. Often, this hairstyle selects young people identify themselves with the subculture, adoring this musical direction as reggae. Fans of musical movements, like new metal, punk rock, underground techno, in some cases, too, adorn their heads with dreadlocks.
Make this hairstyle can be in the salon, but you canat home. At home, for dreadlocks quite absolutely not comb the hair for 6-18 months. In hair salons hair carefully tease the metal comb. Fleece made in small areas of the head, pre-assembled hair in tufts. Using thin needles, corrected stray strands and seasoned them ready dreadlocks.
After braiding dreadlocks hair can not be washed in thefor 1 month. Then wash the head, but not more than 1 time per week. This hairstyle - a huge stress for the hair and for scalp. Getting rid of it can only be, if completely cut braided hair.

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