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Occupation most famous psychics

What do the most famous psychics

In unusual people with supernormal, as they are called psychics, mediums, witches, warlocks, have their own interests, which allow them to relax and forget about the fact that they do not like it.

Each of these unique people became famous for his unusual skills and abilities.


Many talents have knownpsychic and parapsychologist Eugenia Davitashvili, better known to the people under the name of "Juno". It is famous for its healing abilities, but beyond that loves to draw, it is very symbolic picture. Images of people, trees, animals, secret signs they envelop its stunning atmosphere. She also writes poems, stories, songs, performed with the famous singer Igor Talc on the same stage.


Another owner of a unique talent WolfG. Messing entertainer, who spoke with his unique at the time the show "mind-reading audience." It is believed that he used his talent in solving crimes, helped expose the people, but here opinions vary, some believe that he was a secret agent, and others, that he was simply a crook, who introduced all the confusion.
Messing loved poetry, it is not known whether he himself wrote, but were always moan lines of poetry in memory of the only one that he had often conquered women.


Perhaps there is no such person who would not knowthe world-famous Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga. Her life is not all it seems random, and then she lost the sight in childhood, when it picked up a hurricane, and the like, blinded, she saw the light in clairvoyance.

Wang visited officials, celebrities, ordinary people, near her home was always a crowd of people.

she began to gain popularity in the greatestDuring World War II, when she could locate missing people. Most often Vanga required the personal presence of a person or a piece of sugar, which the man held it, she believed that sugar was the conductor, which reflects a person's personality.
Wang, being completely blind, fineruled on the farm and was fond of floriculture, the mild climate in Bulgaria has allowed it to break the front of the house a real flower that bloomed for many years after her death.


The most prominent representative of psychics,broadcast their treatment sessions on television, in the Soviet Union was Anatoly Kashpirovskiy. Psychotherapist of Education won fame thanks to hypnosis, almost everyone remembers its sessions on water charging, which people to a TV tray. His ability to hold attention and convince envied by many, still can not understand it, or a magician healer.

They are all different, but one thing unites them: superhuman abilities that can not be explained.

Today the only ones

By the way, the young and popular psychics, tooThey have their own preferences and hobbies. For example, a standout 14 "Battle of psychics," Alexander Sheps writes poetry, and his lover - a prominent witch Merlin Kero was a professional model for many years. The passion for photography she has remained ever since.

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