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Folk omens evolved over many centuries. People watching the nature, animals and the events that lead to certain consequences.

Many of the conclusions and assumptions have survived virtually unchanged.

For example, the loss of pectoral cross or a sudden drop in the icon is necessarily associated with the bad news.

However, the wait is not always sad.

People sign - fallen icon

The man who discovered the fallen icon, once thoughtthe possible bad news. It is connected with the ancient belief that, so God warns of death or serious illness of someone from relatives.

In addition, a fallen icon may herald lesstragic, but still sad change - failure, bad news, a series of misfortunes and troubles. However, this sign is ambiguous in its interpretation. The Church does not approve of everything that is connected with magic and sorcery. Signs - this superstition, which are also not accepted by the church. That is why, a believer will never suffer in anticipation of troubles, and to pay more attention to the way of mounting or stand.

If, during the fall of an icon broken, it must necessarily be attributed to the church and ask for advice from the priest. Never dispose of consecrated and religious items in the trash.

In some sources you can findthe assumption that the fallen icon may allude to the owner about his mental or moral fall. In this case it is necessary to go to church and repent of their sins. The words of apology must be said of the icon itself.

Signs church estimates as signs of"The evil one", by which evil forces prevent people to carry out good deeds. For example, if a person goes to the road or conceives some good work, the fallen icon can significantly change his mood and plans. Psychologically, people will be waiting for trouble, and it is likely abandon actions which might bring only joy and happiness.

What to do if the icon is dropped

If you find that the icon has fallen, the firstall at once, try not to think about the bad. First, to objectively assess the situation. Fall icon can because of poor attachment or too smooth surface. If you have pets in the house, a bird or small children, they could cause its fall due to its negligence or carelessness. Maybe you are wiping the dust, for example, accidentally touched the icon. In these situations, think about prevention, resulting in excess, not too logical. This banal household situation that can happen to anyone.

If the icon falls in your dream, then the dream is interpreted as a perfect error warning.

Secondly, if you can not determine the cause ofdrop icons, and mental anguish do not leave your imagination, use the old method. Carefully lift an icon, a little pat her hand and kiss. The very image you need to put or hang on to their original location or choose a new, more secure location.
Do not be amiss to visit the church. Try to find exactly the image that was portrayed on your icon and put a candle to him. If you do not know the special prayer, we can repent of our sins and read the "Our Father". Ideal - confession and communion.

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