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What does the butterfly

What does the butterfly

Butterflies have long occupied the minds of people.

The miraculous winged creature, in that turns are not attractive track, served as a source for many fantasies turned into legends.

Butterfly did not ignore virtually no culture, and in many nations of this insect is often a symbol of similar events and character traits.


The ancient Egyptians, followed by the Greeks and RomansThey believed that the butterfly is the personification of the soul. According to mythology, the ancient Greek goddess Psyche, is the personification of breath and soul, often appeared to people in the form of a butterfly. ASSOCIATES is a wonderful insect not only with abstract souls, but more often with the souls of dead people. That is the interpretation of the Japanese give the appearance of a white butterfly. But in ancient Mexico Obsidian butterfly symbolized the women who died during childbirth.

Butterfly has not always been the soul of a deceased person,had come to visit relatives and friends live. In some cases, the insects by their appearance heralded the demise someone from family members, and even war.


Originally, the butterfly is born in the form ofugly caterpillars, which then pupate and freezes. At first glance, life in a cocoon stops, but after some time out of it, the light appears a great winged creature. Such metamorphoses occupied the minds of ancient people, so the butterfly is often associated with degeneration in the upper world and the resurrection of the soul.
This interpretation was given this insectChristians, often depicting the icons Christ Child holding a butterfly in the palm of your hand. A similar significance existed among the ancient Egyptians. Embalming their dead, they are painted on the walls of the sarcophagus butterfly cycle of rebirth, recalling his paintings of the deceased as it should act.

Butterfly Wings also often has a soul which God places in the body of Adam.


In East butterfly oftensymbolized beauty. In China, the interpretation of this insect image depended on what other things are with him. Butterfly, shown next to the chrysanthemum, is beauty in old age, drawn next to the sink - the beauty and longevity, insect sitting on a poultry pen - a wish long life. Also in China still remained a wonderful tradition: the bride before the wedding gives his beloved live or jade butterfly, as a recognition of the bride's beauty and the assurance of his love.
In Japan alone butterflies symbolizesa young beautiful girl. But frolicking over the meadow insects couple already has a different value. Two butterflies associated with the couple and the marital happiness promise when they saw them.

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