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WHAT is the butterfly symbolizing?


What does the butterfly symbolize?</a>

Butterflies have long occupied the minds of people.

Wonderful winged creature, which was turned into a not an attractive caterpillar, served as a source for many fantasies that turned into legends.

Butterfly has not ignored almost any culture, and in many nations this insect is a symbol of often similar phenomena and traits.


The ancient Egyptians, and after them the Greeks and RomansBelieved that the butterfly is the personification of the soul. According to mythology, the ancient Greek goddess Psyche, who is the personification of breath and soul, often appeared before people in the form of a butterfly. This beautiful insect was associated not only with abstract souls, but more often with the souls of dead people. It is this interpretation of the Japanese give the appearance of a white butterfly. But in ancient Mexico, the obsidian butterfly symbolized women who died during childbirth.

Butterfly was not always only the soul of the deceased,Who came to visit alive relatives and friends. In some cases, insects with their appearance foreshadowed the imminent demise of one of the members of the family and even war.


Initially the butterfly appears in the form ofUgly caterpillar, which then pupates and freezes. At first glance, life in the cocoon stops, but after a while a beautiful winged creature emerges from it. Such metamorphoses occupied the minds of ancient people, so the butterfly is often associated with rebirth in the higher world or resurrection of the soul.
This treatment was given to this insectChristians, sometimes depicting on the icons of a baby Christ holding a butterfly on his palm. Similar value existed among the ancient Egyptians. Embalming their dead, they painted on the walls of the sarcophagus the cycle of the degeneration of the butterfly, reminiscent of their paintings dead, how to act.

The wings of the butterfly are also often possessed by the soul that God places in the body of Adam.


In Eastern countries the butterfly is most oftenSymbolized beauty. In China, the interpretation of the image of this insect depended on what other objects are next to it. The butterfly, depicted next to the chrysanthemum, means beauty in old age, painted next to the plum - beauty and longevity, an insect sitting on the poultry - the wish of long life. Also in China there is still a wonderful tradition: the groom before the wedding gives his beloved a live or nephrite butterfly, as a recognition of the beauty of the bride and the assurance of his love.
In Japan, a solitary butterfly fluttering symbolizesA young beautiful girl. But a couple of insects frolicking over the meadow has a different meaning. Two butterflies are associated with a married couple and promise a family happiness to the one who saw them.

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