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WHAT is the coat of arms of Australia


The Australian coat of arms does not look much like the traditional heraldic signs of other states, because it depicts animals and plants.

However, in doing so, it fits perfectly into the stamp system, because every detail of it has a special significance.

By the will of the King

Australia received its own coat of arms relatively recently, in 1908, by the will of King Edward VII. Four years later, his successor, George V, confirmed the changes in the coat of arms, and so he remained to this day.

In the center of the Australian coat of arms is a shield thatIs divided into six parts. This symbolizes the six states of the country that were part of it in 1912: Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South and Western Australia. Each state is represented by a mini-image of its own coat of arms. The internal and external territories on it are visually reflected. The shield is surrounded by a silver fringe with fourteen black crosses. It is still considered as a stylized ermine ribbon - a sign that Australia is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

New South Wales on the arms is a cross with goldStar, Victoria - constellation Southern Cross and Crown, Queensland - Maltese cross, South Australia - bird shrike, Western Australia - swan, Tasmania - the lion.

Above the shield is a blue and gold windbreaker. Before that it was only a detail of the knight's headdress, which softened the blows on the helmet. Then he began to mean that a person had been on a crusade, and the burette was included in the list of heraldic symbols. It is used as a status element.

A star of the Commonwealth is depicted above the bourelte. She has seven rays. Six of them symbolize the Australian states that joined the federation in 1901, and the seventh - all the future territories. Initially, the seventh ray meant only the Territory of Papua, and the expanded significance of it appeared in 1908.

No one's like them

Support the shield on the emblem of the kangaroo and emu figures. These animals are chosen not only because they are found only on the continent of Australia and have long been her symbols. One of their features is that they almost do not know how to move back, that is, to back off. So for emus emu and kangaroo - a symbol of progress and the motto "Australia always goes forward!"

At first, the animals were not very similar to the original, but in 1912 they approved a more realistic drawing.

Kangaroo and emu figures are located among the branchesGolden acacia, or mimosa. The plant is recognized as the national symbol of the state. It can be found on most of the territory of Australia, and in September it even celebrates the National Acacia Day. By the way, the plant is depicted on the arms without botanical precision, and is not included in the official heraldic description of the coat of arms, as well as the inscription "Australia" on the ribbon woven into its branches.

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