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What does it mean to wait until Morkovkina Shrovetide

What does it mean to wait until Morkovkina Shrovetide

Surprisingly, sometimes in the most ordinary situations, you can hear some saying that at first glance seems to be a set of random words.

For example, say someone is "wait until Morkovkina Shrovetide" and once involuntarily think about the richness of the Russian language.

The origins of the expression "to Morkovkina Shrovetide"

A careful reading of the phrase "wait untilMorkovkina Shrovetide "all the words separately except perhaps the last one, do not cause problems. But the term "Shrovetide" sign of Orthodox believers. This is the last day before Lent, when you can eat animal products, usually at this time to roll up a feast. The next day, taboo food and drink was excluded from the diet.

The food of animal origin, which can not be used during the post also called '-fasting. "

Hence the phrase contains twoopposing, within the meaning of the image: lean carrots grown in the ground, and a fat nourishing food the last day before Lent. In fact, this advanced oxymoron - a figure of speech that combines incompatible concepts as "a living corpse" or "sweet pain".
Because people used to live according to the Churchcalendar, religious feasts and fasts were often used in the designation of temporary periods. For example, if an event was planned at the beginning of Lent Petrova, and then said, "after Shrovetide Petrov."

What does the saying "wait until Morkovkina Shrovetide"?

Saying "Morkovkina Shrovetide" has developed as aplayful expression, because it is obvious that these concepts are incompatible. That is why the proverb means that will have to wait a long time, but not ten or even a hundred years, but indefinitely, probably this time and did not come, because this day does not exist.

The word "Shrovetide" the accent on the first syllable, it is formed from the verb "to prepare for Communion," that is fast.

Similar sayings about the future that will not come

In the Russian language there are a few sayings fromsimilar meaning and built on the principle of connections incongruous images and concepts. For example, saying "is not a cancer on the mountain whistles" also speaks of the day, which does not come never, because arthropod can not stick in the mouth and claws to issue harsh sound, and indeed it tacitly.
A beautiful saying "to the Greek calends"which also has taken root in our country, is a simple translation from Latin. In ancient Rome, the Kalends - the date of payment of taxes, the first day of each month, by the way, the word "calendar" is this notion of common roots. And these days the Greeks did not stand out among the others, so the phrase is also a form of an oxymoron.

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