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What does it mean to maintain the chain of command

What does it mean to maintain the chain of command

The term "pecking order" comes from the Latin word Subordinatio - «subordination", "obedience."

It describes a system of relations, rules,associated with the division of people into superiors and subordinates. In the army, police and other paramilitary structures of the order of the head - the law for a slave.

This is understandable, because such structures can not exist without rigid discipline.

And how to keep the chain of command in civil institutions, and whether it is necessary at all?

What are the main principles of subordination

What are the principles and rules of subordination? This question can be answered by considering the following example. Suppose there is a plant or factory. Supervisor desktop is the master who, respectively, subordinate to the chief of station. Head section is subject to the head of the shop, and he - the director of the plant (factory). Accordingly, the Director is the chief of all the people belonging to the staff of the enterprise.

If the plant (factory) legally is part of a larger structure - association, trust, corporation - Director submits to the leadership of the structure.

subordination principles require that the relationshipbetween subordinates and superiors were based on mutual respect, strict observance of labor discipline and the strict implementation of legal regulations boss. Managers have the right to give instructions binding for all member employees and more subordinate leaders, as well as to resort to incentives and penalties, within its powers. As a promotion, and penalties must be fair.

Even if a slave is guilty it is unacceptable to humiliate his dignity, to use offensive language. Such behavior is incompatible with the chief rules of subordination.

The slave is obliged to respectboss. However, if he does not agree with his actions, orders, he has the right to appeal against their superiors, in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code and the internal regulations of the organization.

How to keep the chain of command in the workplace

Leaders at all levels should be combinedrespectful attention to his subordinates with insistence, and if necessary with reasonable rigor. With subordinates to behave politely, but there should be no frivolity, familiarity. After all, it negatively affects employee morale, and morale in the team. Each slave must clearly know and understand that there are limits beyond which you can not get out. This also applies to the relationship to the working-level master, and to relations among senior management employees. Without subordination team can not operate effectively. Therefore, it should be supported.

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