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What does it mean to love

What does it mean to love

Philosophers and poets of all ages do not get tired to remind that the most important thing for all things in the world is nothing other than love.

If love is in your heart, you will feel peace and harmony.

To love and to feel loved - the greatest happiness. But what it is - to love?

In what appears the love?

What is it - to love someone

Love is the driving force for the nextmany actions, immediately after survival. And is it possible to conceive of one without the other? Love - is a comprehensive sense of which can be directed to one person but may be present in the heart as a way of perceiving the world.
Love - it means the ability to forgive. All make mistakes, no one, no one saint of all the world religions was not peculiar to innocence. But love knows how to forgive and accept the mistake. This means that we must be able to forgive not only others but also themselves.
Love - it means to accept the object of love this,what it is. Love is only possible at the present time. Crook is, if you say to yourself: "I would have loved this man, if he did something or changed in such a way." This is not love. Yes, sometimes this feeling is broken on the reefs of another's character and life troubles, but as long as there is love, you take even disadvantages.
Love - it means to believe and trust. Even if previous experience suggests otherwise. Even if the heart has been broken, true love contributes to the fact that you begin to feel as if this was not the last, as if you had a new heart that knows no bitterness resentment nor deceptions and failures.
No wonder they say that love does not existthanks to the essence of people, and in spite of it. It turns out that almost every person on closer inspection has many shortcomings, and a relationship with him promise so many difficulties, that there is no doubt that love happens in spite of these circumstances.

What is not love

Love and love - it's not the same thing. Love is passionate, fast, impulsive, it burns, but not warm. Love can be exciting, but it can also leave behind ashes. Love - it is something that always makes life better.
Love - it does not mean a blind eye to human weaknesses. On the contrary, love sees everything clearly and clearly. And it is still not running away in a panic.
Love does not injure a person. This true love, on the contrary, contributes to the fact that all the trauma and feelings that a person received for the previous period, are healed and forgotten.
Love - it's not a gift. This is not the manna that descends from heaven and promises long lasting happiness. If you are lucky enough to find true love, take care of her. Work on your relationship, do not let the bad sides of their nature affect this feeling. Let circumstances that are trying to destroy your love.

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