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What does it mean to archive mail in Gmail

What does it mean to archive mail in Gmail

Archiving emails in Gmail - the easiest way to clear the list of members without the risk to delete the messages.

This function allows you to remove individual letters or conversations in the archive while leaving them in the mailbox to find and use when needed.



Archiving messages - a specialfeature that allows you to use Gmail e-mail to all users. Its essence is to move a specific message, the group of letters in a special archive. As a result, the list of incoming mail promptly cleared. The essential difference between this option from the usual messages placed in the cart or removal is their permanent preservation in the mailbox. Archived emails remain fully searchable, reading, other use, which eliminates the risk of deletion or loss of relevant information.


Archive messages in Gmail simply,This operation takes a few seconds any user. So, if you want to send one letter in the archives of his own box, open the page with the list of messages. On the page need to put a tick in front of the letter of interest, then click on "Archive" at the top of the page. You can also simply open the message, then press the indicated button. Subsequently, a letter can be found in the "Archive" or by using the search on the mailbox.


It is also easy to back up severalmessages in your own Gmail inbox. To do this, you must list all messages intended to be placed in the archive page. To determine the above list, you can use the most accurate search in the mailbox, or select all the letters, marked with a specific label. After the formation of the list should establish a tick in the top of the page, which will cause release of all outstanding letters on it. If you accidentally hit list the messages that are used continuously, it is possible to remove from them the mark. and then press the button "Archive", with the result that all selected messages are moved to the archive.


At any moment the user can findarchived message using the usual search for the mailbox. Also archived conversations again appear in your inbox when a new response from the respective user. It must be remembered that the letters in the archive are kept indefinitely, since the archive itself is not an analogue of the basket, from which all the information is permanently deleted after a certain period of time. That is why this is a popular feature.

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