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What does it mean to archive a message in Gmail?


What does it mean to archive a message in Gmail?</a>

Archiving a message in Gmail is the easiest way to clear an incoming list without the risk of deleting the required messages.

This feature allows you to remove individual letters or conversations in the archive, leaving them in the mailbox to find and use if necessary.



Archiving of messages is a specialA feature that Gmail allows to use for all users. Its essence lies in moving a specific message, a group of letters into a special archive. As a result, the list of incoming messages is promptly cleared. In this case, a significant difference between this ability and the usual placement of messages in the trash or deletion is their permanent preservation in the mailbox. The archived letters remain completely accessible for search, reading, other use, which eliminates the risk of deleting or losing the necessary information.


Archiving messages in Gmail is easy enough,This operation takes a few seconds for any user. So, if necessary, send one letter from your own mailbox to the archive, you should open a page with a list of messages. On the page, you need to tick the box next to the letter of interest, then click the "Archive" button at the top of the page. You can also just open this message, and then click the specified button. Later the letter can be found in the "Archive" section or by using the mailbox search.


It is also easy to back up severalMessages in your own Gmail inbox. To do this, it is necessary to display the entire list of messages intended for placement in the archive on the page. To determine the specified list, you can most accurately use the mailbox search or select all the letters marked with a specific label. After the list is generated, you should check the box at the top of the page, which will result in the allocation of all the messages placed on it. If the list of accidentally hit the necessary messages that are used continuously, you can remove from them marks. Then also click the "Archive" button, as a result of which all marked messages will be placed in the archive.


At any time, the user can findArchived letter, using the usual search on the mailbox. Also, archived conversation threads reappear in the incoming list when a new response appears from the corresponding user. It must be remembered that the letters in the archive are stored indefinitely, since the archive itself is not an analog of the basket from which all information is irretrievably deleted after a certain period of time. That is why this function is in demand.

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