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What does it mean Rostest from iPhone

What does it mean Rostest from iPhone

Think about purchasing a brand new iPhone oriPad, many fans of the "apple" devices are often faced with a choice: to save a couple of thousand rubles and buy a device with the certification or EUROTEST get the desired smartphone PCT brand.

In fact, there is almost no difference between them.

All of Apple equipment is universal forall over the world. In other words, between a smartphone communicator marked RosTest (PCT) purchased in Russia, and the gadget acquired abroad, there is no significant difference, both in terms of technical parameters and operating system, and in terms of design. Significant differences appear in the iPhone configuration stage. They are as instructions and charger. From them and depends, smartphones will be sold on any market.

What does it mean RosTest

This marking on Apple's productsIt means that the device has been certified in Russia, that is, it was made specifically for sale in our country. The most important thing when buying such a device, the possibility to buy a "gray" or fake iPhone is practically zero.
In addition, if the icon on PCT boxiPhones, everything carries a manufacturer warranty, and repairs and maintenance are carried out only at authorized service centers. Included with this smartphone comes instruction in Russian and charger with adapter to the Russian outlet.

What does it mean EUROTEST

EUROTEST Certification (CE) means that allwarranty obligations borne by the seller of the shop, but the warranty repairs, as well as in the case of the iPhone «Russian», carried out only by authorized service centers. Consequently, the only possible difference between them (in addition to cost) - a charger designed for different types of sockets.

How to distinguish from RosTest EUROTEST

To distinguish smartphones from RosTest EUROTEST notdifficult. To do this, you must carefully examine the box in which the gadget comes. On the back side of iPhone inscriptions must be PCT box in Russian, and the batch number of the country must have an identifier (RR). If such an identifier is available, you can be sure - a smartphone specifically designed for use in Russia.
If you lose the box, the serial number of the gadget can beview its settings. It looks something like this: MD242KS / A. The letters that come after the numbers and to mark a slash denote the country in which direct telephone. Russia in a room designated RR letters.
The percentage breakdown of smartphones under the sign EUROTESTnothing less than an icon RosTest. This is because the certificate, whether in Europe or in Russia, issued for the entire batch of brand-new devices. This does not mean that every device be tested for quality.

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