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What do you mean mirror effect

The effect of the mirror is able to drive the enemy out of the rut

It has its own tradition in many cultures,tales and superstitions regarding the mirrors. The most common opinion is that the mirrors are points of "entry" into other worlds and parallel dimensions.

However, the mirror effect is a completely different plane.

Mirror for centuries has been the subjectvarious superstitions. Even today, this mysterious object household is not less interesting for people. This shows that people have not discovered the secret of the mirrors. Curiously, many prominent writers and poets generally mystified their stories, "inscribing" them in the mirror. For example, Sergei Yesenin wrote his "Black Man", "through" the mirror!
Since ancient times it was believed that the mirror - a "door"other worlds and parallel dimensions. In addition, people still believe that these items are able to "remember" all the events reflected in them. That is all the positive and negative events that ever reflected in the mirror, as if the energy "stored" in it.

The effect of the mirror - a sly and mockingtactics behavior against his enemy. When children tease each other, repeating each word of his "opponent", it unwittingly use such an effect. This can cause resentment.

What is the effect of the mirror?

Some people believe that the mirror effect -these are the superstitions of other worlds, of the hallway mirror, mirror on the "memory", etc. In fact this is not true. mirror effect lies in a completely different plane. The fact that these items reflect the current reality on the contrary, that helps people to use them as a "weapon" against their opponents.
Mirror - is a perfect "weapon" lies. If exactly repeat all the malicious actions of their opponents, then get their objective "reflection", ie Reverse send negative energy. The man in this case acts as a "mirror". All this leads to confusion on the part of the enemy, because he can not understand what is the strategy of his "opponent". The effect is fooling the enemy, which will be caught "red-handed", and therefore will not be able to disguise their actions.

Mirrors - this is deceptive "matter". In looking at them gives the impression that he sees a map of the real world. In fact, he sees just a piece of glass, showing the world upside down (reflected) form.

The moral of the mirror effect

In a mirror effect has its own morality. If "reflect" in a "mirror" the spiritual essence of their enemies, it will create the illusion of separation of property. If you bring a "mirror" to the bad deeds of some people, they can present the appropriate lesson! Of course, the mirror effect can work against already-savvy foes. However, many people can not resist him.

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