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What does it mean Faculty of Humanities

What does the Faculty of Humanities

The training at the Faculty of Humanities priority role is assigned to the development of the social sciences, development of cultural values, understanding of moral and emotional relationships in society.

There are vocational and general education in the humanities.

Education in the humanitiesIt involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills in philosophy, history, linguistics, law, economics, art, and others. Such education determines the vision and the overall level of human development, and to society - is the foundation of ideological and moral education. Any faculty of arts education serves cultural and educational task. Without it, our lives direction of education would be much more boring, because thanks to him, there are new writers, poets, artists, musicians.

Features at the Faculty of Education

The specificity of education at the Faculty isa high level of human knowledge, that are relevant at all times. Faculty of Humanities produces professionals who successfully compete in the necessary economic conditions.
Currently the educational process at the facultyis based on modern international techniques, lecturing often attract the best professionals from Western universities. Faculty trains bachelors, whose training period is 4 years and masters who study 6 years. One feature of education in the humanities is a deep study of a foreign language.
humanities specialists play an important role in the scientific and cultural cooperation of our country with the world's other cultural communities.

humanities University

humanities University claimsideals and values ​​of the society, develops cooperation through humanitarization outlook, educates and develops the students on the basis of individual freedom. Each Humanities University has different departments:
-;Culture and art-
-; Political science and international otnosheniya-
-; Philology and foreign languages ​​and others.
They are chosen based on educationalmodern standards and the effectiveness of the education. Humanities are an important part of the fundamental education and allow professionals to obtain a broad worldview.
Education in the humanities allowsform non-specialists with a narrow specialized education and these individuals with a broad view of the world, nature and man. Humanitarians society balance, do not let it slip into the moral, spiritual and cultural divide. Humanitarian universities continue the glorious traditions of value-based education.

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