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How to change documents when changing names


What documents should I change if I change my last name</a>

The change of the surname is, to some extent, the beginning of a new life.

And looking at the impressive list of documents that need to be changed, it can be considered a new one in the truest sense of the word.

The most common name change is for girlsAfter marriage. On the one hand, this is a happy event, because now two people have become a single whole, a real family with one common surname. Hurting a honeymoon can, perhaps, a list of documents that need to be replaced as quickly as possible, and for this you will have to go through many different instances and in some places to defend long lines.

What to change first

First, it is necessary to change the Russian passport. You need to do this within 1 month, otherwise you face a fine. It is necessary to apply to the passport office, have an old passport, a certificate of marriage or divorce, a receipt for payment of state duty and 4 photos for a passport. On the spot you will be given the application form, which must be filled, and after 1.5-4 weeks you can come for a new passport.

Changing bank cards is also required. You can do it yourself either in the bank or through the employer. From the documents you need to provide copies of the marriage certificate and the new passport, the old card and the completed application.

Changing the MHI policy has no time limits,But it is better not to delay. At a critical moment, problems with an invalid policy will be completely inappropriate. You can change it yourself at the insurance company or through the employer. The new policy will be done in about 2 months.

Driving license also does not have limitedTerms, but after changing the surname, the old rights will be void. You need to contact the MREO GIBDD and have a new passport, a certificate of marriage, a medical certificate, a driver's card, a receipt for payment of state duty and old rights. You will be replaced within 2 months.

Certificate of retirement insurance for newThe surname will be made by the personnel department at your place of work. If you change it yourself, contact the pension fund with a statement, an old certificate and a new passport.

INN provides only a change of name, numberThe certificate will remain the same. With the old certificate, a copy of the marriage certificate and the completed application, the form of which will be issued on the spot, you need to contact the tax service. The process will take a maximum of 10 days.

What can wait

If you have not planned in the near futureTravel, a foreign passport can not be changed. Most importantly, do not forget that he has you with an old name, when you are going to fly to rest. Change this document in OVIR for several weeks.

In the work book for a few minutes will enter a new surname instead of the old one. It is necessary to provide a marriage certificate and a new passport to the personnel department.

Change of documents is a troublesome business, and can take a lot of time. But after you do everything, you can breathe a sigh of relief and proudly wear a new surname.

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