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What documents are submitted to the university

What documents are submitted to the university

The process of admission to higher education is often a huge stress for students who have recently had an ordinary schoolboy.

Since many of them come from othercities or provinces, the list of required documents can help an applicant prepare everything in advance and save energy, time and nerves when applying to college.

The list of documents for admission

The first entrant must submita document proving his identity and citizenship, and then need to submit the original document of education (public model), a certificate of secondary, full or general education diploma of primary, secondary and higher professional education. You also need to make to the list of six photos 3x4 cm format, the certificate of the results of the exam, which was held in the year of admission and the documents confirming the right of entering the preferential training.

If the applicant previously changed the name, middle name or last name, he shall submit the relevant document, which officially confirms the shift F. IO

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Also, an applicant must present after the dateorder of admission to full-time training form (not later than ten days) 086U medical certificate, certificate of conscription or military card, as well as documents that meet the interests of arriving.

Secrets of filing

For in the process of admission, you did not haveproblems, try to have on hand all the necessary documents (originals and copies of the exam, medical certificates, certificate and copies thereof, matte and glossy photos). Sort them into folders, making it easier for the work itself and the secretaries of the selection committee.

In any case, make reserve copies of the photos and, as the selection committee filed documents may be accidentally lost.

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Some universities now have their own websites, towhere you can download an application form for admission and complete it according to the model (usually available on the university website). It will save you a lot of time, and you can go with the already completed application forwards the remaining applicants.

In order not to stand in queues kilometercoming, wait a couple of weeks - significantly thin out the queue, and you file documents quickly and quietly. You can also send your documents by mail, without being afraid that they lost or not delivered to the admissions office in time. After the announcement of the results, it is desirable to make for themselves the rating of specialties, which enables you to quickly react to the receipt of results and accurately determine the final choice of university and profession.

Decisions on filing documents in one or anotherinstitution should be thoughtfully and reasonably, so that later do not regret their choice. Remember that after the originals into the first high school, you may invite you to a more suitable university.

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