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What documents are needed to obtain a Schengen visa?


Schengen visa</a>

The Schengen zone includes 26 member countries of the same name.

It is necessary to obtain a visa in the participating country where the most days of stay are planned.

Despite the Schengen Treaty, the list ofThe required documents vary slightly depending on the consulate of the proposed country of visit. The rules of filing and the types of visas issued differ. At the same time, it should be emphasized that there is, you can say, a single list of mandatory documents that need to be collected in advance, regardless of which visa is planned to be received.

Documents for obtaining a Schengen visa

Much depends on which SchengenVisa is requested: tourist, national, transit, one - two-time or multiple entry. Most travelers apply for a tourist visa, so the documents on this type of visa will be discussed next. For tourist visa it is necessary to prepare: a certificate from the work, certified by the signature of the head and the seal of the company, indicating the company details, position, salary, the date of issuance of the document-extract from the accounts, cards, savings books at a rate of 60 euros / day per person. If you do not have a savings book, invoices and cards, you can purchase traveler's checks or ask your next of kin to sponsor.
In addition, you will need to fill out the LatinLetters of the application form of the country of visit- copies of foreign and internal passports- 1-2 photographs 3,5 * 4,5. By the way, some private visa centers require three photos. The third is clearly for the center itself, since no embassy requires so many photographs. It should be borne in mind that if the tourist is the director of the company, the chief accountant, the personnel department, should sign the document, but do not sign it with your own hand.

The main differences in visas of some consulates and practical advice

Consulate of Spain defaultsHalf-year multivisa (multiple), with a residence period of not more than 90 days. The documents differ in registration: a photocopy of all pages of the valid passport is required, photocopies of all pages of the all-Russian passport are also requested. It is advisable to provide photocopies of previous canceled passports.
Consulate of Italy and Greece puts visa akkuratUnder the trip, if the tourist is traveling for the first time to the country. If not the first, then can deliver from 3 months to a year. On a Spanish visa, you can immediately go to rest in any other state of the Schengen area, and this will not become an obstacle for issuing a re-visa. However, getting German Schengen, it is better for him to go to Germany for the first time, and then to travel freely through Europe.
Moreover, it is not worth it for a "foreign" visa firstTo enter the aforementioned Germany, if it is not transit, docking of aircraft and other situations where stay in the country is insignificant. German border guards will certainly inquire why for a trip to the country you have issued, for example, a Finnish visa. If they do not hear an adequate answer, they may well not let you into the country.
Observing the above simple rules, problems with obtaining any visa will not arise. A vacation or an ordinary trip will pass easily, and impressions will remain only pleasant.

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