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Schengen visa

The Schengen area includes 26 member countries of the agreement of the same name.

Getting a visa is necessary to the Member State where the largest number of planned days of stay.

In spite of the Schengen Agreement, and the list ofregistration required several documents varies depending on the consulate of the country to be visited. They differ as supply and types of visas issued rules. At the same time, it should be stressed that there can be said to a single list of required documents that must be collected in advance, regardless of what you plan to get a visa.

Documents to obtain a Schengen visa

Much depends on what kind of SchengenVisa is requested: travel, national, transit, single - double or multiple. Most travelers applying for a tourist visa, so the instruments on this type of visa will be discussed further. For tourist visa need to prepare: a certificate of employment, signed and stamped by the head of the company, with details of the company, position, salary, date of issuance of documentation statement of accounts, cards, passbooks at the rate of EUR 60 / day per person. If passbooks, accounts and cards you are not available, you can purchase traveler's checks or ask for the immediate family to sponsor.
In addition, the need filled Latinletters country profile posescheniya- copies of foreign and domestic pasportov- 1-2 photos 3.5 * 4.5. By the way, some special visa centers need to provide three photos. The third is clearly for the center itself, since none of the embassy does not require as many photos. It should be borne in mind that if a tourist is a director of the company, must sign a document chief accountant, personnel department, but personally do not sign.

The main differences in the visas of some consulates and practical tips

Default Consulate of Spain putssemi multivisa (multiple), for a period of not more than 90 days. Documents different design: need photocopies of all pages of a valid travel document, as requested photocopies of all pages of all-Russian passport. It is desirable to provide a photocopy of the previous canceled passports.
Consulate of Italy and Greece puts visa akkurata trip, if a tourist is going for the first time in the country. If not the first, you can bet from 3 months to a year. According to the Spanish visa, you can immediately go to rest in any other State of the Schengen area, and it will not be an obstacle to the re-issuance of a visa. However, getting a German Schengen, it is better for the first time for him to go just to Germany, and then to travel on it freely in Europe.
Moreover, it is not necessary for the "stranger" first visaenter the above-mentioned Germany, if it is not transit, docking of aircraft and other situations where a minor presence in the country. German border guards will certainly take an interest, why to travel to the country you purchased it, for example, Finnish visa. If they do not hear an adequate response, you may well not be allowed into the country.
By following the above simple rules, problems in obtaining any visas not arise. Vacation or ordinary trip will take place easily, and the impressions will be only pleasant.

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