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What documents are required for the temporary registration of the child

What documents are required for the temporary registration of the child

Having a baby is exciting and enjoyable event. However, we should not forget about the existing procedure of registration of the baby.

Therefore, in order not to face additional challenges, it is necessary to get introduced to the procedure of registration of temporary residence, as well as find out what documents should be prepared for this.

According to Russian law, a citizen livingtemporarily at the same place for more than 90 days, on a mandatory basis should issue a temporary registration. Otherwise, it provides a fine in the amount of up to 2,000 rubles. As a result of registration is issued a certificate confirming the registration of the place of residence.
There is a list of documents required forof the residence of the minor. These include: mother's passport and a photocopy of the second, third and fifth stranits- document confirming the identity of the father, and his copy. It is worth noting that the pope passport is required only if it was recorded on the birth certificate. In addition, you must provide proof of residence of the parent to whom the kid is not going to register.
It is also mandatory to be in the hands ofhave child's birth certificate and, therefore, its copy. In some situations, ask an extract from the house register. And, of course, need to make a statement from the parents the baby with the request for its registration. You also need to write a statement on behalf of the child, there is always a model of which is on the stand passport.

What are the features of the child's temporary registration

In contrast to the registration procedure in placeadult citizen residence, registration of temporary registration of the baby carried more relief. The fact that the registration at the place of residence of a child under the age of 18 his parents temporarily residing in a residential area, which is on the property right belongs to others, takes place without the consent of the owners. This means that there is no need to provide documents that are the basis for the temporary residence of a citizen: a statement of the owner, which provided space for citizen zhilya- contract nayma- certificate of registration of the right to housing. In addition, when you make a temporary registration of a baby in the room housing cooperatives in the residence of his parents do not need the consent of the boards of these organizations.

How is the child's temporary registration separately from his parents

The law allows for the possibility oftemporary registration of the child who has reached the age of 14 without their legal representatives. To do this, a written consent of a parent child- necessarily submit the documents on the basis of which it is possible to check-in and temporary residence in the appropriate space (social tenancy agreement, a statement of the citizen, which provided for the use premises, a certificate of registration of property).

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