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What documents are needed when buying a house with land

What documents are needed when buying a house with land

Buying a house with land - quite a complicated process to legally illiterate person.

The key moment of the transaction - properly executed documents that guarantee the integrity of the intentions of each party.

On that special attention

In this real estate transactions, like buyinghouse with land, have their own pitfalls. To successfully complete the transaction, it is better to turn to an experienced lawyer who will be able to do site design.
One of the common mistakes is the neglecttwo important rules: a test of the right to land and the right to own property. We must see to it that these two rights were certified and registered.
Sometimes it happens that the seller has no rightownership of the land, but he has the right of lifetime inheritable donation or registered owner of the earth only, but has no rights to the building. In these cases, you are in the future you may be faced with problems that can be solved only through the courts.
If you decide to buy a house by proxy,Be sure to check all the documents at the notary, as the cases of fraud in this area. You are sure to find the person who made the power of attorney and to clarify that the property offered for sale.

List of required documents

Mandatory when buying a house and landsection are documents of title to real estate. These documents include a certificate of state registration of ownership of a house or an act of selection committee for admission of the completed object (if the house was built directly by the seller). However, there are other circumstances in life, after which a person enters into ownership. That is why the list of documents can be extended. The list may be supplemented by the following documents:
- A contract of sale, donation or meny-
- A certificate of membership in the right of inheritance, to which is attached a certificate of state registratsii-
- Technical passport of homeownership, which fixed the total area of ​​the house and the area of ​​each of the rooms, as well as their granitsy-
- Documents confirming the ownership of the land.
There must be checked tothe land on which the house is built, is actually a seller of property, not just the right clearance. It must necessarily be in the ownership. In addition, it is worth remembering that the land should be privatized. Compliance with these points ensures you no hassle when buying a home.

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