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How to use documents when buying a house with a plot of land


What documents are needed when buying a house with a plot of land</a>

Buying a house with land is quite a complicated process for a legally illiterate person.

The key point in the transaction is the correctly issued documents, which guarantee the honesty of the intentions of each of the parties.

What to pay special attention to

At such operation with the real estate, as purchaseHouses with land, there are their pitfalls. To successfully complete the transaction, it is better to contact an experienced lawyer who can deal with the design of the site.
One of the frequent mistakes is neglectTwo important rules: a test of the right to land and the right to the property itself. We need to make sure that these two rights are certified and registered.
Sometimes it happens that the seller does not have the rightOwnership of the land, but he has the right to a lifetime inheritable gift, or the owner has registered only the land, but has no right to build. In these cases, you may later face problems that can be resolved only by judicial process.
If you decide to buy a house by proxy,Be sure to check all the documents from the notary, as cases with fraud in this direction have become frequent. It is necessary to find the person who compiled this power of attorney and clarify that the property is put up for sale.

List of required documents

Mandatory when buying a house and landSite are title documents for real estate. These documents include a certificate of state registration of ownership of the house or an act of the admissions committee on the acceptance of the completed object (if the house was built directly by the seller). However, there are other life circumstances, after which a person enters into the ownership right. That is why the list of documents can be expanded. The following documents can be added to the list:
- contract of sale, gift or barter-
- certificate of entry into the right of inheritance, to which the certificate of state registration-
- the technical passport of the household, in which the total area of ​​the house and the area of ​​each of the premises are fixed, as well as their boundaries-
- documents confirming the ownership of the land.
It is mandatory to check thatThe land on which the house was built was the actual property of the seller, and not only correctly decorated. It must necessarily be the property right. In addition, it is worth remembering that the land should be privatized. Compliance with these items guarantees you no problems when buying a house.

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