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What documents are required for entry into Israel

What documents are required for entry into Israel

Israel - a relatively young country with a unique flavor, lots of attractions and holy sites of the three religions.

To visit the "promised land," the Russians for several years do not require a visa.

However, certain documents for entry into the country will still have to collect.

Documents required for entry into Israel

Since 2008, Russian citizens to enter the territorythe State of Israel and stay there for 90 days for tourism purposes, to visit relatives or medical services do not require a visa. But even in this case, it is imperative to have a passport, which expires no later than six months from the date of entry into the country.

Visa to travel to Israel issued to students who intend to study in the territory of that State, for the volunteers and members of religious denominations.

In addition to a passport, it should take care of othersdocuments to avoid problems at the border. The fact that permission to enter Israel accepted the Border Service of the State. That's why with you also need to have a ticket in the opposite direction-tagged and proof of your hotel room, rent a cottage or apartment during their stay in the country. Also for crossing the border it is very important to have health insurance.
For a trip to Israel to visit relatives orfriends is also important to be in possession of the original or a copy of the invitation, drawn up by a strict form. For a copy of the person invited must also be accompanied by the text of the invitation in any form. If the purpose of the trip - to provide medical services to obtain permission to enter will need to provide an invitation from the clinic.
For crossing the border with children also needissue to them a passport. In the absence of the other parent is required to take from him a notarized permission to leave her child. In the case of child maintenance by third parties, the latter must have a notarized permission from both parents.

With the entry into the territory of Israel may cause problems if the passport has visa of Iran, Syria, Libya and Lebanon.

Things to do in Israel

With Israel increasingly is coming every yeartourists. It is not surprising, because in this country there are many places that are not only a rich history, but also refer to the Christian, Muslim and Jewish shrines. In this country you can visit the ancient city of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall to touch and climb to the Temple Mount. Well, for those who want fun and beach holiday, you should go to the picturesque Tel Aviv, located on the Mediterranean coast.
For many years, Israel is known for its highthe level of medical services. Hospitals in the country have the latest equipment, and most of the doctors working in them are considered to be professionals. There are plenty of studies that used then to successful treatment of many serious diseases. That's why when you visit Israel, you can not only enjoy the great climate, the sea and attractions, but also pass a comprehensive medical examination.

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