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What documents are needed for the embassy

What documents are needed for the embassy

Often, to travel to another country requires a visa.

How to get the desired document?

And what documents are waiting for you at the embassy of a foreign country?

Most often, you can collect the documents for a period of weeks to several months.

You will need

  • -pasport RF-
  • -international passport-
  • -extract on bank an invoice,
  • -Photo.



You will need to present a general civilRussian passport. Note that it must be valid for the entire journey and three months later. Therefore, in a timely manner, take care of the design of the passport of the Russian Federation (the change takes place in 20 and 45 years).


Passport is required to stay onin other countries (with the exception of a number of the CIS countries). Make a passport can be on "Public services" (the link in the "Resources" section) portal. For its registration is required to pay a fee in the amount of 2,000 rubles, photographed in the FMS and provide Russian passport.


It is necessary to submit 4-6 photos of the established sample. This usually 35 to 45 mm. Some embassies require a different format.


Also, the embassy is required to produce a documentabout providing money trip. From your bank statement is needed on the status of your account. If your cash reserves are low, you can get a credit card with a high overdraft (credit limit).


If you want to get a visitor visa,provide the invitation of a citizen of another country and a copy of his passport. May require proof of the citizen suitable for the reception housing.


To obtain a visitor's visa must present two tickets: in and out of her. Although officially require the original tickets, can go and print from electronic reservation services.


If a person has a ban on leaving the countryin connection with the professional activities of national importance (federal agencies, military industry), it is necessary to present an exit permit signed by the head of the organization / enterprise and certified by the federal sample seal (stamped).


Note the additional conditions imposedfill ambassadorial profiles. Often, important even little things like pens color, font size, etc. If you were born before 1992, in "Country of birth" select "USSR". Not all embassies issue profiles themselves - sometimes they have to print.

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