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What documents are needed for entry into inheritance

What documents are needed for entry into inheritance

Coming into an inheritance in all cases carried out by means of an application for acceptance of the inheritance to the notary, another authorized official.

After consideration of the application or the notary said official issue the certificate of inheritance.

Regardless of the type of inheritance forentry into the inheritance is required to perform certain legal actions, is clearly regulated by the current legislation. The order of the commission of such acts is set in Chapter 64 of the Civil Code (the third part). In fact, for the acceptance of the inheritance must be in person, by mail or through a representative file a notary, another person authorized to issue documents confirming the powers of the heirs, a statement of intent to accept the inheritance. After that, the heir can in person, through a representative, the appropriate rights have been confirmed to receive a certificate attesting the right of inheritance, which is considered the basis for the disposition of property.

How to apply for entry into inheritance

The easiest way to supply the relevantstatements heir is personal appearance to the notary. In this case, it is required to submit only the application itself, as well as verify their identity regular passport. In addition, the heirs have the opportunity to use the postal service for sending this document, send it through others. In such cases, the signature of the person who wants to enter into an inheritance, must be certified by a notary on the statement. It should be borne in mind that the presentation of the declaration of acceptance of any part of the legacy entails immediate admission of all hereditary property.

How is the adoption of inheritance

After reviewing the statements of intent toinheritance notary shall issue a special document - a certificate certifying the right to inheritance. This certificate must be obtained personally heir may join in the inheritance with the representative's services, but this would require a power of attorney with a specially designated it the authority to take such property. In addition, in certain cases, civil law establishes a presumption of entry into inheritance, that is, it is assumed that a person has entered into an inheritance, provided they commit certain acts. These actions related actual possession, property management, the conservation of the property, incur expenses for its maintenance, payment of debts of the testator's own funds, monies destined to the testator.

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