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How to apply for inheritance


What documents are necessary for entering into the inheritance</a>

Entry into the inheritance in all cases is carried out by filing an application for acceptance of the inheritance by a notary public, to another authorized official.

After consideration of the application, the notary or the specified official issues a certificate of the right to inheritance.

Regardless of the type of inheritance forEntering into the inheritance will need to perform certain legally significant actions, clearly regulated by the current legislation. The procedure for the fulfillment of the specified actions is established in Chapter 64 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (the third part). In fact, for the acceptance of the inheritance, it is necessary personally, by mail or through a representative to file a statement with the intention of accepting the inheritance to another notary, to another person authorized to issue confirmatory credentials of the document heirs. After that, the heir can personally, through a representative whose respective rights are confirmed, obtain a certificate certifying the right to inheritance, which is considered the basis for disposing of property.

How to apply for inheritance

The easiest way to supply the relevantStatements by the heir is a personal summons to the notary. In this case, you only need to submit the application itself, and also confirm your identity with a civil passport. In addition, the heirs have the opportunity to use postal services to send this document, transfer it through other persons. In such cases, the signature of the person wishing to enter the inheritance must be notarized on the application itself. It should be borne in mind that the submission of an application for acceptance of any part of the inheritance entails the immediate acceptance of all hereditary property.

How is the acceptance of inheritance

After considering the application forInheritance, the notary issues a special document - a certificate certifying the right to inheritance. This certificate must be received personally by the heir, it is possible to enter into the inheritance using the services of a representative, but this requires a power of attorney with a specially authorized in it authority to accept such property. In addition, in certain cases, civil law establishes the presumption of inheritance, that is, it is assumed that a person has entered into an inheritance subject to the performance of certain actions. These actions include actual possession, management of property, measures to preserve this property, bear the cost of its maintenance, pay the debtor's inheritance from its own funds, receive funds intended for the testator.

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