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What documents are needed for college

What documents are needed for college

Admission to college may be carried out after 9 or 11 of secondary school.

Requirements colleges mostly coincide, butsometimes individual schools may require students to provide any additional documentation or participate in additional entrance tests.

prepare a document

To apply the selected college you must gather the following documents:

- Passport (without a passport due to age prepared the birth certificate) -
- A certificate of receipt of incomplete secondary obrazovaniya-
- Certificate of deposit of the DPA (if any) -
- Four or six pictures of the established sample (usually 3 × 4) -
- Medical insurance polis-
- A statement that is filled directly into the commission is receiving
- 086 / have a medical certificate.

Depending on the form of learning a list of documents can be amended or supplemented.

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For the majority of the medical certificatestudents pass medical examinations at school. Also, the sample can help to write down the various medical schools that conduct the necessary tests to establish that the contraindications in the chosen field of study you do not.

Before preparing the documents, read the site chosen college, to get the most complete list of the required documentation.

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Additional documents and entrance examinations

Depending on the profile of places andspecialty for which you act, may vary, and the entrance test. Most colleges accept the results of the DPA, however, some for test results can make a general quiz or dictation. Have successfully passed examinations in the Russian language is a must. Also, some schools arrange interviews with prospective candidates. Terms of admission to a particular educational institution may change each year, but because often it is not necessary to be guided last year's requirements.

Before applying, make a copy of each document.

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When a student arrives for distanceTraining may require additional documents from the employer. The same is done if the prospective student wants to take advantage of privileges for admission - he will have to provide additional help to confirm the benefits.

Despite the fact that the procedure for admission to traininginstitutions controlled by the orders of the Ministry of Education, each institution has the right to create their own rules for admission, which, however, should not contradict the legislation. All information is always available for those entering, and therefore did not hesitate to make a call or come personally to the admissions office for more information.

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