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How to count running meters


How to count running meters</a>

Part of the building materials is sold by running meters: linoleum, carpet, boards, etc. Before counting, you need to make simple measurements of the room in which the coating will be used.

So you can buy the exact amount of material without overpaying for an extra part.



Measure the length and width of the room. Write down all the measurements and you can go to the building store to make a purchase. You do not need to take a measuring tape or roulette with you, there is a special wooden meter in stores, all the employees of the supermarket will produce you.


When buying only the length is taken into account, butThe width of the material is standard. Therefore, if you have a room of 5 meters and a width of 3, for example, linoleum three meters wide and five meters long. You will pay only for the yardage. But remember that if the width is less, then the running meter is cheaper. But you can not save in this way, you will have to dock the cover.


After you measure the material, you can produce some simple calculations. Multiply the length by the cost and get the amount you have to pay at the checkout.


After you arrive home, estimate,The right number of meters you bought. If you miscalculated, unfortunately, you will not exchange linoleum, carpet, or other material. All products sold in the footage are not exchangeable, so be extremely careful not to buy a small piece of construction material.

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