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How to calculate the running meter

Some building materials are sold by running meters:. Linoleum, carpet, boards, etc. Before you consider necessary to make a simple measurement of the room in which the coating will be used.

So you can buy the exact amount of material, not overpaying for the extra part.



Measure the length and width of the room. All measurements can record and go to the hardware store to make a purchase. Take with a measuring tape or a tape measure is not necessary, in the shops there is a special wooden meter, you will make all the measurements supermarket workers.


By buying only taken into account the length, butthe width of the material standard. So if you have the room length of 5 meters and a width of 3, you will accept, for example, linoleum three meters wide and five meters running. You only pay for yardage. But remember that if the width is less, and the meter is cheaper. But save this way does not work, will have to attach cover.


After you measure out the material, you can make some simple calculations. Multiply the length of the value to get the amount you need to pay at the cash register.


Once you arrive home, estimate,Do I need the number of meters you've bought. If you were wrong, unfortunately, you will not be exchanged or linoleum flooring or carpet, or other material. All products sold by the meter can not be exchanged, so be extremely careful not to buy even a small segment of building material.

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