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How to consider themselves more beautiful than any

How to consider themselves more beautiful than any

We are constantly convinced that the main thing - that's the beauty of the soul, but to overcome the age-old desire of women to the beauty of the outside - it is impossible. The desire to be desired and attractive built into us from birth.

But nature is not always fair, and she lays are not the same shape and facial features, of which we dream.



To consider yourself more beautiful than any firstyou need to look in the mirror and determine a list of your undoubted merits. Now look only at them and admire. And soon you will see that in the mirror prettier noticeable.


Forget about the fact that you are not the hips size orchest, a terrible nose or little growth. If you look at famous women, you will realize that they, too, are not the owner of a perfect figure and flawless faces. However, no one will dare to call them ugly.


Smile. You do not have the mood? Especially smile! See how beautiful it was immediately your face. Conclusion: Smile as often as possible.


Beauty and fatigue - things are absolutely incompatible and therefore, the closest outlet to devote only sleep and rest.


Love - the most effective anti-aging andcosmetic. Even if it is out of your life - not a problem! Flirt, flirt, enjoy the man's attention and admiration. This will make you incredibly beautiful and attractive.


Tidy hair on his head. Urgently! Can not procrastinate! And only a good master! Nothing raises self-esteem and mood, how well do my hair. And do not be afraid to experiment! Become the most beautiful simple.


Visit beautician. If there is no money for the whole course of procedures - all the same. Even one visit you will learn about your skin a lot, and you will know how to take care of it at home.


Update your wardrobe. Choose only the bright, stylish and elegant things. Become more beautiful and make you feel better!

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