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What do the pimples on your face: choose treatments

What do the pimples on your face: choose treatments

It is known that the cause of acne on the face of an adult can be a variety of diseases of internal organs.

According to their location, you can identify the problem and select therapies.

If spots appear on the forehead and above the eyebrows, theYou can talk about violation of the digestive system. To avoid problems with the stomach, should eat less junk, processed, fatty foods, sweet, starchy foods. But fresh fruits and vegetables on the contrary will help to improve the skin.

On the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows may appearAcne due to malfunctioning of the liver. That they have disappeared, should be excluded from the diet, alcohol, dairy products, fatty foods. Strong long night's sleep and physical activity can help to combat this problem.

Acne at the temples and around the eyes defects suggest that the body lacks fluids. To achieve the effect you need to drink the usual clean water.

If the problem area on your face - the nose, you cantalk about cardiac abnormalities. Avoid sharp foods, reducing consumption of fatty and fried meat, follow the cholesterol often go outdoors. For cardiac useful products with Omega-3 and Omega-6 (fish, nuts, avocados, flaxseed). On the nose a lot then, so the cause of acne on your face in this area may be overdue cosmetics, not washed away the night makeup.

If pimples appeared on the ears and near the lobes, you need to drink more clean water and avoid drinking soda, alcohol and coffee. This will help the kidneys work better.

On the cheeks pimples of those who haveproblems with the respiratory system. Especially for allergy sufferers and smokers. Refusal of bad habits, walking outdoors, reducing the consumption of sugar and dairy products, the addition to the diet of wheat germ and green vegetables help to get rid of acne on your face in this area.

Problems in the corners of the mouth and under them sayhormonal changes the body and stress. We need to get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids, to observe mode. Also, the appearance of acne in these places may indicate that a woman is ovulating.

If the problem area - chin, then we can talk about the malfunction of the stomach. It is to eat fiber, drink herbal teas.

Pimples on the neck can be a symptom of an infectious disease. The body needs rest, plenty of fluids and vitamins.

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