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What makes spermaceti cream

What makes spermaceti cream

The factory "Neva Cosmetics" For several decades, produces cream "Sperm", designed for dry and normal skin.

cream name is intriguing and suggests a biologically active substance which is attributed to a miraculous effect on the skin.

The composition of the cream

As expected, the manufacturer on a tube with a cream have its composition. Active ingredient is olive oil, lanolin, beeswax.
Olive oil was used as ancosmetic product in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. It contains polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants (phenols, phenolic acids and polyphenols), vitamins A, E and K, B4, so that nourishes the skin and stimulates the regeneration of its cells.
Lanolin - natural animal waxorigin, which is produced by evaporation of fat from sheep wool. It consists of a mixture of fatty acid esters and polyols. Composition of lanolin similar to that of human fat and therefore easily absorbed into the skin, nourishes and moisturizes it.

There is reason to believe that lanolin can clog the skin pores, which leads to the formation of comedones.

Beeswax has a strong bactericidal and wound-healing properties. In addition, it contains free fatty acids, fatty alcohols and esters, which feed and rejuvenate the skin.
Besides natural components of theinclude spermaceti and synthetic cream obtained by distillation of petroleum, for example, ceresin, and paraffin. These substances are commonly used in cosmetic products. The main requirement for it - the high degree of purification.
As a preservative in the cream "Sperm"Bronopol is used - a synthetic substance having high antibacterial activity. The decomposition of bronopol emit formaldehyde, is a strong carcinogen. Furthermore, formaldehyde can react with components containing nitrogen. As a result, they form nitrosamines - substances with pronounced mutagenic. Many beauticians recommend that women of childbearing age to abstain from the use of cosmetics containing bronopol.

Preservatives inhibit the growth of bacteria in creams containing natural ingredients.

Does the cream spermaceti

Spermaceti - a natural wax-like substance,Sperm that is in the bag in the frontal lobes of sperm whales, bottlenose whales and other cetaceans. Spermaceti was widely used in the cosmetics industry as long as whaling was banned by international convention.

Mining spermaceti fascinatingly described in Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick".

Thereafter developed beauticiansersatz spermaceti - tsetilpalmetat, which is an ester of palmitic acid and cetyl alcohol. At the touch of a substance reminiscent of animal wax and a thickener cosmetic creams and ointments. Ersatz-spermaceti is sold in pharmacies. You can make masks and homemade creams that include this substance. However, the cream "Sperm" contains no ersatz spermaceti. Apparently, the name was a tribute to the past, when the composition of cosmetic products with natural or synthetic spermaceti.

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