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What to do with the shells of Easter eggs: burn, bury or store

What to do with the shells of Easter eggs: burn, bury or store

With shell Easter eggs believers act differently.

One without a bit of hesitation throw it in the trash, while others - studiously buried in the ground, and others - pompously burn, and the fourth and completely kept in the house as a church sanctuary.

The view of the church

How to explain the majority of the Orthodoxpriests sprinkling holy water (sanctification) any products for Easter and other religious holidays does not make them any sanctuary. Similarly, do not become shrines bags, dishes and other things that fall drops of holy water sprinkling at the time of her priest.

Bringing food to the church for the consecration,Believers thus asking for God's help in their work, the result of which is ultimately the availability of these products in the family table. Leaving part of the consecrated eatables in the church, orthodox donate it to the poor, thereby alms. In Christianity, charity is considered one of the greatest virtues.

Can I throw the shells on the hallowed eggs

To shell Easter eggs should be treated as ordinary. That is, you can safely throw out in the trash. No divine punishment for it is not followed.

If you are still in doubt in the opinion of the priests, the shell can include the Easter and other remains of a festive meal in the forest, and there they bury or burn.

Stickers on the egg with the image of the Mother of God andChrist - is another dilemma that haunts many of the faithful. Do not throw away the shell with similar labels. It can be attributed to the church, where it is utilized in a special way. Also it is possible to burn on its own, and the ashes later buried in the ground.

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