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What distinguishes Visa and Mastercard

How are Visa and Mastercard

Plastic cards have become quite unnoticed ordinary part of everyday life for many people, especially those who live in cities where the service sector and trade are in the developed state.

Debit and credit cards are widely usedcitizens of our country, but not all of the members drew attention to the logos of payment systems applied to them, and know the difference between the most popular in Russia Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

What is Visa and MasterCard

Visa - US payment system, it is usedfor cashless payments in 200 countries. This title is a financial company, has been operating since 1970, we can say that this is the pioneer who discovered the world the opportunity to give up the cash between the entities of commodity-money relations. Naturally, the most popular uses this payment system in America, and European consumers, particularly those who have a financial relationship with the US companies willing to use it.
MasterCard is an international paymentsystem, though its head office is also located in the USA, and is represented in 210 countries worldwide. Unlike Visa, MasterCard payment system, trust the majority of users of plastic cards of the camp, and East Asia. Both payment systems have their own standard commission of non-cash transactions tied to the national currency of a country.

It was felt that the card payment systemVisa allow for greater security of non-cash transactions, but Mastercard offers more guarantees for transactions with the account, although it is imperceptible for small amounts.

What is the difference between the payment systems Visa and MasterCard

The main difference between these two globalpayment systems, popular in the world, is that visa for the base currency is the US dollar, and for mastercard - Euro. In those countries, where she and the other currency has circulated the same, no difference will not be for the user - abroad they can convert stored on account of rubles into dollars through Visa ATMs, in euro - by MasterCard ATMs. But such a situation is not in all countries and that, in Europe, for example, do not expose rubles lying in the account, double-conversion - first into dollars and then into euro, it is better to use a plastic card Mastercard system.

Making non-cash payments on the Internet, you must specify for the CVV2 code for the Visa card, and the card Mastercard - CVC2 code.

So, before you travel, keep in mind that inEurope, Asia and in the eastern countries you will be more profitable to use a Mastercard, the United States and other countries in North and South America - Visa card. Russian banks offer to customers opening an account in dollars, tie him to a plastic card Visa, and those who want to open an account in the euro - to the MasterCard system map, however, after the account has already been opened, it can be bound to any card.

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