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What distinguishes a strong woman from a weak

A strong woman is different confidence

The strength of women is manifested in its relation to itself, and how it interacts with other people.

In order to become better adapted to life and success, it is necessary to understand themselves and adjust their own worldview.

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A strong woman from a weak features a fullself-confidence. Adequate self-esteem helps girls avoid many problems and focus on what really matters. Weaknesses of the fair sex could suffer because of self-imposed problems and dislike to him. While they are looking for confirmation of his own importance and his evidence merits a strong woman goes straight to his goal.
Poor girl can be dissatisfied with him. She compares herself with other representatives of the fair sex, and if the comparison is not in favor of it, suffers from it and tries to change himself. Strong woman looks for a no shortcomings that need to be corrected, and the positive qualities that will help her in life. This approach is constructive for women.
A strong, confident woman knows howbetter present themselves. It is well studied himself lives in harmony with your body and soul. Therefore, it is easy to charm the pleasant young man. Despite this, a truly strong woman does not seek at all costs to find a mate. It is a self-sufficient person. this girl happiness level does not depend on whether the next perfect man, or is it not. When a weak woman feels lonely, complex about it and all of its resources to throw something to remedy the situation, a strong woman enjoying her freedom, who enjoys her life and enjoys all the positive aspects of their condition.

Attitude to life

Relationship with the surrounding reality and strongweak women, too, is completely different. When less adapted to life the girl faces the problem and experiences in this regard, a strong woman sees in his position pros. The problem for her - it's not a tragedy, and the challenges, opportunities, growth and development zone. The mentality of the fair sex, endowed with inner strength to focus on the pros and cons of not.
Weak woman easily confuse unexpectedlife turning. Strong same girl even in unpredictable circumstances, tossing from side to side, clutching it for one thing, then another, and is a concrete action plan, prioritize and act in order. She will not make a fuss and hysteria, unlike the poor girl.
A strong focus on women differresult. But at the same time it is able to enjoy the process. Such a person loves life, is not afraid to make a mistake, can take the risk, because the trust itself. The power of a woman to a large extent depends on what its optimism. Such a person concentrates on the good, and not on the negative as a weak representative of the fairer sex.

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