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What distinguishes the hotel on the first line

What distinguishes the hotel on the first line

There is no "line" exact classification of the hotel.

No well-defined differences between the hotels second and third line.

We can say that the notorious "first line" in the hotel brochures and promises a travel agent needs only to get with the client more money.

Do not believe advertising

Even the "novice" tourist firmly believe that the hotelon the first line - it's good and prestige, at least because it is much closer to the sea than the second or hotel, for example, the third line. Many travel agencies support this delusion in their clients because of the stay at the front line, you can get more money.

In fact, any professional standing canexplain the "beginner" to the tourist, the hotel benefits that are not limited only by its proximity to water. In different countries, the phrase "first-line hotel" means quite different things. At the same time she "linear" can not mean anything good.

Virtually all resorts may be divided intocity ​​and beach. At last there is a concept or a beach-hotel "Hotel on the beach." In fact, the hotel itself is a resort, because between him and the beach itself there are no obstacles except, perhaps, the path to the ocean. So it is better to focus precisely on that definition, and not on the promise of the mythical "first line".

Unpleasant nuances

urban resorts have their own specifics. Such resorts are included in the urban infrastructure, which means that they are dedicated and are subject not only to rest. Most often in such hotels resorts to the "first line" can be automobile line, and perhaps the railroad. Quite often expensive hotels in the resorts of urban (mostly European) can have its own underground access to the beach, to minimize interaction with the guests busy road. It should be noted that in many non-European resort town, even the most luxury hotels in this passage to the beach do not have, so that guests have to travel to the beach, passing the road, which can be quite dangerous. Thus, formally, such hotels can be called the first line hotels, in fact closer to the sea are nothing but ill-fated road.

That is why it is very important to find out in detail intravel agency employee, what does he mean by "the first line of the property." Otherwise, you can overpay a considerable sum of money for the dubious privilege to run across a busy road or doing an impressive hook to the nearest suitable for beach holiday, it's not always a hotel with sea view expects that close to them can swim.

In other words, do not "take place" on offerrelax in a luxury hotel on the first line, without knowing the details. Otherwise the rest may be significantly flawed small, but significant shortcomings.

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