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What is different is the game of a talented actor from the game of a behemoth


The curtain will rise and the game will begin.</a>

It is not always possible to look at the actor's game and believe in what is happening. Some gestures, postures, verbal and non-verbal ways of submitting oneself - all this seems false and unworthy of attention.

However, this actor is different.

"I do not believe!"Stanislavsky liked to say to actors who did not get used to their roles. And he was right. Not always a person is able to reincarnate in the role that he plays. It's not always possible to make viewers feel imbued with what is happening. Only a masterful game gives the impression that makes you cry and laugh, worry and listen to what is happening.

This actor

A real actor can be identified by certainFeatured. Among them, the main thing is the ability to get used to the role. There is even a special "immersion method" developed by Stanislavsky. A person immersed in a role, aspires to maximally get used to his character. So that it was impossible to distinguish between the game and real life. Of course, this requires skill, a certain experience and inner work on oneself.

Each of you has the right to say the actor's game "Do not Believe!" Only if he can play better.

Proceeding from this, it is hardly possible to name an actorOne role is talented, because here is the other side of the issue. The person from the film to the film shows the same image: a surly superman, a merry fellow, a loser and so on. Such an actor, if he can play a different role, is difficult to perceive differently than in his usual role. Such a person is unlikely to be talented.
It's another matter when the master is different every time. In comedy, he is a jovial fellow, in the tragedy he would be envied by Shakespeare himself, in a soap opera - the one who should be by role. It is very difficult, but it gives the maximum variety of roles. The spectator is waiting for his favorite performer to please him and surprise him again. And when such a game, really, you believe, only then does real talent appear.


If you see how the actor stumbles, stumbles,Looks into the camera, makes unnecessary in this or that case the movements, withstood illogical pauses, vigorously strives to express oneself, but nothing happens, remember - you have no talent. Uncertain game can be seen only by specialists, but even amateurs are sometimes able to notice a weak embodiment of the image on the stage or in the cinema.

As practice shows, even a joker has a chance to break into talents if he works on himself.

The first mistake of a bad actor is inabilityMaintain a balance between weak play and replay. The professional intuitively feels where there is so much a line that can not be crossed, and a bar below which you can not go down. The opposite of this is the game of the behemoth, visible to the naked eye.

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