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What distinguishes the optical and laser mouse

Mice different needs, mouse, various important

The computer mouse has come a long way of evolution. And today is not so easy to understand among all the different models that have that.

Manufacturers just more confusing the user, rather than solve the problem.

The times when the user had"Roll" box of the mouse with a heavy rubber ball inside, already passed. Today's devices - it is lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic handles, to cope with which it has become much easier. A wide variety of helping everyone to choose something for themselves. It is hopelessly confusing when you do not possess all the information.

The laser optics against

Mice very much. Round, oblong, matt, shiny, small, large - in short, for every taste, color, shape and stuffing. Regarding the latter, it may be either a laser beam or an optical sensor that monitors the position of the arm in space and transmit signals to the computer.
In the optical device is installed insideabsolutely tiny video camera. It takes real-time with a very high frequency. On average, it is approximately one thousand images per second surface. This "rate" may seem very high, but this is not the limit. Some precision instruments can do it with two or three times greater speed.
Thus, the signal obtained from the video camera,transferred to the processor device and then to a computer. The data is decrypted software and the cursor moves in one direction or another, commits a "clique" or stand still.
In laser "devaysa" generally similar device. However, the only difference is that instead of the camcorder using a very small semiconductor laser. It works in such a range that the interaction with the device is not visible emission occurs. It distracts from the work and does not represent any danger to the user.

Which device is best to choose

For clarity, you can make a comparison of these devices in some respects:
Resolution - of the optical device is around 1200, and in the laser about 2000 dpi. It is invisible to the average user, but it is important for gamers, designers, architects.
Speed ​​- is also an important figure for those who appreciate the accuracy. For example, the optical mouse is necessary to "pass" a distance of 5 cm to cross the entire screen. Laser enough 2 - 3 cm.
Working surface - have laser mouse is a huge advantage, because it is almost the same works on wood, glass, cloth and plastic. In the optical device will be flaws.
Cost - laser noticeably better save battery consumption.
There is only one drawback - the price of the laser "devaysa". It is definitely above the optical analogue, but the obvious advantages compensate for possible costs.

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