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What is the difference aypad, smart phone, cell phone and tablet

What is the difference aypad, smart phone, cell phone and tablet

In recent years, the number of mobile devices on the electronics market has increased significantly.

The users include smart phones and tablet computers sold under a variety of brands and with different specifications.

Tablet computers

Tablet computers aredevices running the operating system and having more than a mobile phone screen size. Tablets are focused on the execution of various tasks. Thus, these devices can comfortably edit office documents, view the videos in higher resolution, listen to music, work with graphic editors, read e-books, to run all sorts of games.

Functional tablet can be expanded by connecting an optional keyboard that can make typing and machine control easier.

The plates differ in characteristics andthe proposed size of the screen. One of the most popular devices on the market are the iPad, running iOS - the mobile operating system developed by Apple. The device is able to perform almost any multimedia tasks, and also belongs to the category of tablets.


As well as tablet computers, smart phones workunder the operating system. Their distinguishing feature is the small size. Most smartphones have more modest in comparison with the characteristics of the tablets, which is enough to serve a relatively small screen and the program filling.
Smartphones are capable of performing multimediafunction, work with several applications at the same time. The devices allow voice calls and SMS messaging. Function implementation of a voice call on the plates missing.

Cellular telephone

Today, the term "cell conceptsphone "refers to devices that are able to carry voice calls over the cellular communication channels without having to connect to a dedicated telephone line. Smartphones can also be attributed to the category of mobile phones.

Like smart phones, regular phones can have a touch screen and support playback of both video and audio.

For cell phones are not smartphones, ie devices that operate without pre-installed operating system. Conventional devices do not support the full functionality and run multiple applications due to the nature of work and the unit. However, if the phone is able to send data over the cellular communication, it may be called a cell.

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