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WHAT directx

What is directx

DirectX is an environment to start graphical applications, which contains a set of extended commands that allow to implement complex visual effects.

DirectX is widely used in the development of computer games, and is distributed free on the Microsoft website.

The advent of DirectX

DirectX was aimed from the beginning to developcomputer games. The software solution has been developed in conjunction with the release of Windows 95 in order to attract developers to write complex graphics applications to a new, standardized platform. The first version of DirectX is called Windows Game SDK was released in 1995. After that was launched Direct3D platform, which is positioned as a replacement for the increasingly popular OpenGL environment, which is also widely used in the field of computer games, but has some limited functionality.
DirectX version 8.1 became the basis for the Xbox console. In 2002, DirectX 9.0 was released, which significantly increased the possibility of creating new games and has implemented support for shaders, ie improved rendering of shadows.

To date, the most relevant is the version of DirectX 11.2, which is enabled by default in Windows 8.1.

In addition to processing graphics, DirectX dealsaudio output, and data processing, which come with a keyboard, mouse or joystick gamer. With each new version of the code for DirectX improved, which means that the graphics capabilities are improved. Due to the new features offered in this library, developers have increased opportunities to improve the performance of games and gaming processor entertainment.

Installing DirectX

For the latest version of DirectX is available atMicrosoft's official website. The product is free to download. You can also install DirectX from the disc with the game, because most of the modern game developers in the product release to include support required for the successful launch of the game library.

Installation is automated program, it is performed just two steps and does not require any additional action works.

DirectX is supported on all Windows systems,starting with Windows 95. To run most modern games need support version of the medium is not lower than 9.0c, but for most gaming applications require new version is not below 10. Before installing, make sure that you have installed the drivers from Nvidia or the ATI, downloaded from the official site of developers .Tehnologiya DirectX 10 (Direct3D 10) is supported on video cards from Nvidia GeForce 8000 or older. To start the DirectX 10 ATI Radeon graphics cards on the need to model 2000 and higher.

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