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What is diggery</a>

Called these dashing guys diggers invented the founder and head of the international and Russian diggers movement Vadim Mikhailov after he made his first descent.

In the dictionary, he found the English verb 'to dig', which means 'digging'.

Children of dungeons

However diggers are not diggers at all. Rather, they are researchers. Their activity resembles the work of speleologists exploring caves, but only diggers as objects of research prefer objects created by human hands and the same person abandoned.
Diggery is not a profession, but a hobby,Like diving, sport tourism or rock climbing. The only goal of these guys is entertainment. They descend into tunnels and sewers, investigate abandoned military and production facilities.

42 minutes underground

Equipment Digger - a comfortable clothing thatDo not mind smearing or tearing, powerful flashlights (as they most often make their sorties at night or under the ground in darkness), respiratory masks and other basic remedies, as well as a first-aid kit for first aid. Diggery - still a dangerous thing. Knowing people also recommend always carrying documents packed in cellophane, in order to avoid problems with the police.
Diggers often ask who they can meetunderground. Among the lovers of diggery, there are tales of meter-high rats, secret sectarian underground societies and all kinds of fairy-tale creatures. In fact, more often danger for diggers is represented by homeless people, public service workers and police, since diggers are not legally regulated.

Special services help the diggers to help them penetrate the blocked objects. So, for example, it was after the terrorist attack on Dubrovka.

Diggers have their own secret code,The violation of which, firstly, is life-threatening, and secondly, it can lead to problems with the law. If the object is acting or secret, then you can not enter it. If the sign "Shoot without warning" hangs on the gate, it means that they will really shoot. Diggers should not engage in looting and spoil objects, leave inscriptions and any objects in places where they are. They do not touch the wires, do not press buttons and knives, check if the fastenings, supports and stairs are rotten.

Is it worth playing a flashlight

Everyone answers this question for himself. Diggery is quite an interesting activity, sometimes the participants of the movement manage to make incredible archaeological discoveries. The underground world of the city differs from the ground completely.

Diggers have their own special slang. For example, "light" - a flashlight, "aboriginal" - a local resident, "mointer" - a public service worker.

However, people who are frightened by dangers that do not want to risk their lives and health do not like places where it is dirty, dark, damp and smells bad, it is better to abandon this venture.

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