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WHAT diggerstvo

What diggerstvo

Calling these dashing guys diggers came up with the founder and head of the international and domestic movement Diggers Vadim Mikhailov after made his first descent.

The dictionary he found the English verb 'to dig', which means "to dig".

Children Underground

However diggers - not diggers. Rather, they are researchers. Their activity is reminiscent of the work of the speleologists, cave exploring, that's just diggers as research objects preferred objects created by man, and man is abandoned.
Diggerstvo - is not a profession but a passion as well,diving, climbing or sports tourism. The sole purpose of these guys - entertainment. They descend into the tunnels and sewers, and explore the abandoned military facilities.

42 minutes underground

Equipment Digger - a comfortable clothes thatdo not mind dirty or torn, powerful flashlight (because their attacks are often committed at night or under the ground in the pitch darkness), respiratory masks and other basic means of protection, as well as a first aid kit first aid. Diggerstvo - still a dangerous business. Knowledgeable people are also recommended to always carry documents, packed in cellophane in order to avoid problems with the police.
Diggers often ask, who can be foundunderground. Among the fans diggerstvo run stories about rats meter, sectarian secret underground societies and all kinds of fabulous animals. In fact, the most dangerous for the Diggers are homeless, workers of municipal services and the police as well as the activities of the Diggers did not fixed by law.

To help diggers sometimes treated special services, so that they can penetrate into the locked objects. For example, it was after the terrorist attack on Dubrovka.

At Diggers has its own secret codethe violation of which, firstly, is life-threatening, and secondly, can lead to problems with the law. If the object is valid or secret, then you can not go in there. If the gate hangs a sign "shoot on sight", it means that really will shoot. Diggers should not engage in looting and spoil the objects leave the label and any objects in places where there are. They do not touch the wires, do not press a button and circuit breakers, check whether the mounting rotten, pedestal and stairs.

Is the game worth the candle lamp

On this question, each responsible for himself. Diggerstvo - pretty interesting to do, sometimes road users can not make extraordinary archaeological discoveries. The underground city of the world is different from the ground completely.

Diggers have there own special slang. For example, "light" - a flashlight, "native" - ​​a local resident, "Monterey" - an employee of municipal services.

However, people who are afraid of the dangers that do not want to risk their lives and health, do not like places where dirty, dark, damp and smells bad, it is better to abandon the idea.

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