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WHAT is different from the owl an owl


The owl and the owl owls are typical representatives of the group.

These birds have some similarities and a number of significant differences.

Both of these birds - predators, leading mostly nocturnal, which have large round eyes and look like silhouettes.

Appearance owls and owl

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The main difference from the owls owls is in the appearance of these birds. Filin is much larger than usual owls, body length of some of them reaches 70 cm, weight - 4 kg. Owl weight rarely exceeds 2 kg.
The most noticeable external difference owls and owl - is the presence of "ears". Do owls plumage on the head steady, and the appearance of the silhouette owl immediately visible on his head sticking up feathers that resemble ears.

play a role not only ornaments "ears" on the owl's head. Thanks to them, the bird is able to pick up sounds several times better than the owl.

The third external difference from the owl owls - colorfeathers. Owl feathers painted, as a rule, almost monotonously. Only in some places, the color can be darker or lighter. There are some species of owls that have absolutely snow-white color. Facial disc can vary in color from the owl body in some specimens visible in a mask of black eye contour and dark beards.
The plumage on the head of an eagle owl is particularlybrightness. Facial disc at this bird does not. White or gray patches in the form of an arc located above the eyes, a beak - black spot, so-called beard. Around the eye there is a black outline, and on both sides of the beak - arched white or light gray spots. Black feathers above the eyes move smoothly in shape "ears."
In addition, the body plumage owl is never monotonous. Reddish Fawn combined with dark stripes, located on the back and head.

Eared owl looks very reminiscent of an eagle owlthanks to the color "ears." However, unlike its larger cousins, bird is large, and the color of its body mostly monotonous.

Lifestyle and diet

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Differences of owl owls are observed not only in appearance but also in lifestyle. Owls hunt only at night. Owl can watch not only at night but during the day.
Owl feeds mainly on small rodents. Filin, thanks to an impressive size of the body is able to catch not only mice but also larger animals. The diet of this bird often caught hares, some young animals, birds, owl inferior in body size. Owl hunts even for a small deer.
During the flight, the owl makes a lot of sounds,some of which are reminiscent of the whistle. Owl Flight impossible to hear, making it absolutely noiseless. There is an effect due to the difference in the plumage of the wings. At the ends of the wings of owls are rounded, while the owls, they are more like a pointed shape. That is why an owl in flight soars, and the owl through the air, uttering at the same characteristic sounds.
It should also be noted that the owl - it's prettyrare bird, to see that is not so easy in a natural environment. Filin listed as endangered and considered an endangered species. Species of owls are so many, they live in almost any area.

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