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What determines the Parisian style

What determines the Parisian style

Paris is not only considered one of the most romantic places on earth, but this fashion legislator.

It is no coincidence style Parisian women became a kind of a household name.

For many it is associated with fragility, elegance and incredible charm.

The most important features

The basic rule of the Parisian fashionista - no sparkling details. All kinds of glitter, sequins and rhinestones irrelevant in their daily lives.
On the other hand, the French women rarely flaunt the name of the clothing brand. It is mauvais ton. In addition, the jacket of the latest collection of Chanel, they will learn and without labels.
Black color - the foundation of the fashion wardrobe, and looks like he is not boring, but very stylish and elegant. That there is only a little black dress or the usual formal suit-deuce.
In general, the basic wardrobe Parisianmainly consists of white, dark blue, red and black and stuff. All of them are perfectly combined with each other and looks a winner in any situation. This is usually a classic style clothing - dresses, wallets, pants with arrows, white blouse, pencil skirt. All items are made from quality fabrics and have a wonderful cut. True Frenchwoman is unlikely to attract an offer "three T-shirts for the price of one." Most probably it is a poor-quality product.
In addition, most Parisians look likesome casually slightly wrinkled things hair, tucked away in a bun, a minimum of makeup. No one should think that before going girl spent at least two hours before the mirror. Everything has to look the most natural, as if she had just got out of bed and put on the first available clothes, which, oddly enough, extremely Becomes Her.

Strength in detail

Most often, the Parisian ladies prefer high-quality leather goods. In some cases, these things are not brand-name brands, and products made to order.
Shine is emphasized. It has to be not only very beautiful, but also comfortable, so, for example, all of summer sandals to the famous shoemakers built in a few months, or even six months before the start of the season.
Parisian bag for everyday needsIt is roomy but not bulky. The French will not follow the latest fashion trends and try to fit everything you need into a small clutch bag or envelope. For it will be much easier to choose a more suitable model.

In turn, very little attention is paid tojewelry. In France, it is considered that it attributes more mature women. The young Parisian would not put them out of fear of looking older in the eyes of others. But jewelry and ornaments of silver, bought mostly at flea markets, are extremely popular.

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