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WHAT degenerative dystrophic changes

What are degenerative dystrophic changes

Degenerative dystrophic changes -chronic diseases of the spine, is characterized by progressive changes in vertebrate segmentov.Pri these diseases, tissue degradation of joint tissue, intervertebral discs, the bone tissue.

In much severe cases the disease develops severe orthopedic and neurological impairment leading to disability.

In 80% of the population are observed severe pain in the backof varying intensity. About 40% of people treated with pain for medical help. One in five people after thirty years of suffering from sciatica, which is a degenerative syndrome, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Often, these diseases are subject to various departments of the spine: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. There are three names of diseases of the spine: osteochondrosis, spondylosis and spondylarthritis.
When osteochondrosis degenerative processIt begins on the intervertebral disc nucleus. When spondylosis in the propagation of the disease involved the adjacent vertebrae. A disease affects the intervertebral joints at spondyloarthrosis.

Factors affecting the development of the degenerative dystrophic changes

There are state of the organism, which may aggravate the disease state.
Decrease of physical activity causes peopleto more frequent cases of diseases of the locomotor apparatus of man. Riding in the car, sedentary work leads to a decrease in muscle tone. This is one of the main factors leading to the emergence of diseases of the spine.
The most common cause of the disease- Long antifiziologicheskie postures, static or dynamic loads, as well as microtrauma. Muscle cramps can be caused by a painful condition of the internal organs.

Antifiziologicheskie poses - unnatural postureman, in which there is a heavy load on one muscle group. Prolonged exposure to this position leads to muscle spasms, pain is stronger.

Diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is performed using X-ray, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of degenerative dystrophic diseases

Surgical treatment of this diseaseadministered 10 - 12% of patients. It is prescribed, if the current treatment does not reduce pain syndromes, or requires emergency surgery. All other people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, appoint conservative treatment.
Conservative treatment includes the use of drugs that have hondroprotektivnoe and hondrostimuliruyuschim effect.

Hondroprotektivnoe and hondrostimuliruyuschie - drugs that suppress inflammation, normalize metabolism in cartilage tissues, regenerating and anesthetic.

Medicinal products contribute to the regenerationcartilage surfaces and increase the production of synovial fluid, which leads to a reduction of inflammation and increase joint mobility.

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