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WHAT cut laminate

The cut laminate

Correctly make laying laminate it is not sojust. To do this, not only to properly connect the laminated panel, and cut them so that they fit perfectly in the space area.

Otherwise, keep the traditional checkerboard pattern floor covering will be impossible.

Cutting laminated boards is better to entrustone hand or power tools, the benefit - the choice of a sufficiently large, and therefore to choose the most suitable model will not be difficult.

Tools designed for cutting laminate,You should be comfortable to use, compact and lightweight. In addition, they should provide the possibility of obtaining perfectly smooth cut without cracks and chips, so as not to spoil the laminate planks for cutting the end. For many artists this point home, as a rule, be decisive.

Tools for cutting laminate

Among the most popular power tools, with which you can cut the laminate is to provide:

- elektrolobzik-
- Circular pilu-
- Grinders.


This tool allows you to achieve the best results when cutting laminate panels. This lightweight, easy-to-use tool, ideal for DIY beginners.

To prevent damage to the structure of the laminate board and get the perfect cut, it must be cut to produce at maximum speed.

The use of an electric jigsaw is very important to choose high-quality saw blade for cutting laminate. It is distinguished by a special form, the method and the wiring pitch of the teeth.

Getting Started on the wrong surfacelaminate by chalk pencil or the cutting line is applied, after which the board is placed on a table so that the part scheduled to be cut was suspended. The left hand will need to fix the laminate on the table, and the right to take the jigsaw, and quickly cut the extra part.

A circular saw

Circular saw with a disc for metal allowsget a nice cut on the edge of the laminate planks. But working with this tool is much more complicated than the jigsaw, but because it is not the best choice for beginners.

In order to produce a laminate cuttingcircular saw, it is necessary to put on a hard surface, face up, and secure. Cut very carefully, slowly advancing drive on a painted line. Thus in one place decelerate is undesirable.

The Bulgarian (angle grinder)

The Bulgarian - versatile tool thatIt should be in every home worker. You can use it to cut a lot, including laminate. The disadvantage of the use of this tool is a large amount of dust generated when cutting laminate boards. Therefore, to deal with this work best on the balcony or on the street. To lip turned out beautiful, and there was no cracks and chips, cutting laminate grinder should be exclusively from the front.

Hand tools for cutting laminate

As the hand tools used for sawing laminate is most often used a hacksaw blade and construction.


In the absence of electric tools to saw the laminate can be with a conventional handsaw. In this case it is best to use a hacksaw with a fine tooth comb.

Hacksaw can be used for small work. Use it to cut a large number of laminate planks is undesirable, as it will take a lot of time and effort.

building a knife

Use a knife to cut the laminate mayonly in cases when it is necessary to cut only one board, and, for instance, a Bulgarian or a saw broke. To get a more or less clean cut, laminated board is placed on a hard surface face up, after which it is necessary to put a ruler and hold it for a deep cut. While holding the board on the one hand, it is necessary to press the second, resulting in laminate fracture.

The choice of tools for cutting laminate large. Produce high-quality cutting of laminated boards can be anything but the amount of time spent and effort at this will be different, so when choosing a tool must be guided exclusively by their own preferences and needs.

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