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WHAT pillow better, more durable and more useful

Which pillow is better, more durable and more useful

human sleep quality not only depends on the state of his health and of his way of life, but also what kind of bed, blanket and pillow he enjoys.

Correctly chosen pillow helps to avoid many problems, including pain in the neck and shoulders after a dream.

Pillows with natural filler

One of the most popular and commonoptions - a pillow stuffed with down and feathers. Sleep on them comfortable, helpful and nice: they differ excellent thermal insulation, easy to restore the volume and "adjusted" by the human body. Modern hypoallergenic down pillows and high-quality. However, it is important to take into account their negative: they do not dry out, so after the first Improper cleaning may deteriorate, start to rot, to acquire an unpleasant odor and lose all its useful properties. To extend the life of these products, it is advisable to trust their cleaning professionals.
Very useful pillows from sheep or camelwool: their use has a beneficial effect on the condition of the muscles and joints, so people are often faced with pain in her neck and shoulder, should choose this option. They are also well absorb moisture, provide warmth in winter and coolness in summer. However, unfortunately, durability such products do not differ as wool rolls and eventually crushed and loses volume and pillow shape. As a rule, the average service life is less than 2 years.
If you care about your health, pleaseattention and the pillows filled with buckwheat husk. They help get rid of snoring and insomnia, as well as relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. These pillows are very hard, but they sleep comfortably because they are easy to take the desired shape. In addition, durable high-quality buckwheat pillows.

Pillows with synthetic filling

One of the most durable option for those whoIt prefers synthetic fillers - a pillow with synthetic padding. It is easy to wash, she dries quickly, well restores volume. However, the specific useful properties, in contrast to the wool and buckwheat unique, it does not. Similar characteristics and different hollofayber: this filler is durable and practical, does not absorb odors and provides free air circulation. Pillows with hollofayber soft and comfortable and easy to care for.
If you are willing to pay a high price fordurable and thus a thing is good for health - choose a product with natural latex. This filler is most often used for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows, fine adaptively matches the human body shape and relieves tension in the neck and shoulders.

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