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How will the curtains be fashionable in 2014?


What curtains will be in fashion in 2014?</a>

Modern fashion affects almost all things that surround people.

The interior of the room was not an exception - new fashion trends influence not only the appearance of furniture and finishing materials, but also curtains.

In 2014, this element of the interior will be quite diverse and unusual, as well as eco-friendly and stylish.

Favorites of the current year

In 2014, the curtains with a bright orientalOrnament, large geometric pattern, a combination of rich colors and environmentally friendly materials. Popularity will get heavy cords with tassels, beadwork, rhinestones, ribbons and fabric inserts used as decor curtains.

A fresh trend this year will be curtains with a printed pattern, which should match the general style of the room.

Favorites of 2014 will be curtains on the lining, andAlso, models that combine several translucent fabrics (tulle). No less popular are metallized fabrics or chameleon fabrics, of which modern curtains are made. To give the interior an original and stylish look, you can combine in a single room a variety of curtains and fabrics of different colors (textures).

Designers recommend to use in 2014Curtains made from vintage fabrics such as tweed, flannel, velvet, dense flax, cotton and textured silk. They should have deep saturated colors and expressive textures that will emphasize the elegance and respectability of the interior.

Fashionable colors of curtains

Now at the peak of popularity curtains of purple flowers,Combined with a shade of mustard, as well as the entire range of colors of green and pastel colors. In addition, fashionable are drapes of violet, blue or green-blue hue, curtains with bright African or Indian patterns and colorful prints.

Remember that curtains with a variety of shades can look unpredictable with other colors, so they need to be combined very carefully.

Fans of antique antiquities designersAdvise to pay attention to the fashionable curtains of pale yellow, pale blue, copper-brown and dusty-pink shades. Also in 2014, multi-layered curtains will become the fashion squeak, each layer of which is hung on a separate rail and easily replaced by another if necessary.

Fabric curtains, which differ in texture andColor (from heavy external curtains to weightless inner tulle) should be hung according to the fashion trends of the current year. Curtains with the most intense color should be placed outside, and pale tulle shades - inside. You can also use a light translucent fabric that hangs over a thick layer of curtains and gives the interior some airiness and mystery.

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