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WHAT curtains to fit your kitchen

What are the curtains to fit your kitchen

Kitchen - a place where a woman spends most of the time.

I wish that there were all nice and cozy.

But comfort begins with the curtains.

You will need

  • You only need to define what your style prevails in the kitchen.



If your house is dominated by rustic style,the curtains should be selected from light linen cloth, possibly with a large pattern. These curtains will be combined perfectly with wooden furniture, utensils bright colors.


If your house is dominated by a classic style, while the shutter must be strict, without any ryushek, assemblies, flowers. It is better to buy an ordinary curtains of tulle.


If your house is dominated by a modern style, then there will be appropriate roller or Roman blinds. The color of the fabric should be combined with the color of the kitchen units.


If your kitchen is a lot of plastic and metal, then the appropriate blind will be on the eyelets, metal cornice, which is picked up in style with accessories.

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